Flipside PR’s May recap! Find out about some of Flipside’s favourite trends from this month, as well as what’s coming up in June.


#Trendingwoman holding a variety of lip glosses wearing cool metallic makeup

Lilac and holographic makeup is making waves in the beauty world right now, blending dreamy pastels with futuristic shimmer. essence Cosmetics has you covered with the Meta Glow collection to recreate the look on a budget.



For face:


For lips:



For eyes:

RevitaLash poster with woman and breakfast pastry selection Big Hair Energy Event, May 2024

This month, we proudly hosted our Big Hair Energy Event to celebrate the reformulation of Revitalash’s Hair Collection. The event was a fantastic success and allowed attendees to experience the enhanced benefits of the newly improved products. Guests had the opportunity to see firsthand how the reformulated products deliver even more volume, strength, and shine, transforming hair with the advanced formula. Here’s how we manage social media influencer relations for beauty brands

RevitaLash Hair Makeover Set, £199RevitaLash Hảir Collection

Hair Gain’s Must-Have Minis

two woman holding a pink dry shampoo product

Hair Gain Comb, £11.95

Ideal for all hair types, this small and sleek accessory is multi-tasking its way into your luggage. With its wide-toothed, biodegradable design, this comb can be used when washing, conditioning or styling, meanwhile minimising the potential for damage and snagging.

Hair Gain Hair Mask, £14.50

Made with AnaGainTM, a phytonutrient derived from organic pea shoots, this nourishing miracle treatment protects, repairs and strengthens hair when holiday humidity gets too much. Designed to promote fuller and thicker hair, the Hair Gain Hair Mask at 50ml is the key to long and luscious locks.

Hair Gain Peptide Puff Dry Shampoo, £15

For fresh-looking locks on-the-go, the Hair Gain Peptide Puff is the dry shampoo to-die-for. It’s ability to absorb oil, sweat and odour in an instant whilst adding volume, texture and body to dull locks is what makes this mini special.

Hair Gain Scalp Foam, £32

With a weightless formula packed full of natural ingredients, the Hair Gain Scalp Foam revitalises, nourishes and cares for the scalp. By creating the perfect environment for hair growth, the Scalp Foam has been proven to reduce hair breakage and fall by up to 60% from the first use).

Latest Arrival from Drowsy Sleep Co.

Drowsy Eyelash Protecting Silk Sleep Mask in NavyEyelash Protecting Silk Sleep Mask, £79

The unique, eyelash-protecting silk sleep mask is the ultimate retreat for tired eyes. Designed for long natural lashes, extensions, and for sleeping with zero-pressure on your lids. The fully contoured, silk-lined eye cups block 100% of light whilst keeping your lashes protected & pristine from dusk till dawn.

Father’s Day Gift Guide – 16th June 2024

Give the gift of good sleep this Father’s Day with a Drowsy Silk Sleep Mask. This luxury silk mask provides an uninterrupted sleep every night and its wrap-around design is the simple sleep accessory promising deeper and uninterrupted sleep.

Drowsy Silk Sleep Mask, from £59

The Secret to Styling the Bounciest of Bobs


Woman spraying foam in her hairThe RevitaLash Volume Enhancing Foam features a breakthrough formula that volumizes hair and helps condition, strengthen, and defend against breakage and brittleness. Designed to repair, protect and strengthen your hair, the weightless, easy-to-apply formula deeply penetrates the hair cortex, stimulates the hair follicles and enhances hair density. An effective alternative to oils and serums that can all too often clog and damage our scalp and its follicles, the Volume Enhancing Foam leaves your hair looking refreshed and fuller from as early as the first use.

RevitaLash Volume Enhancing Foam, £125





These are the latest news and product updates from some of our brands, including RevitaLash, essence, Drowsy Sleep Co and Hair Gain. If you’re interested in working with our team of expert health, wellness, lifestyle and beauty PR experts, you can contact us to find out more.

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