Flipside’s latest PR mailer introduces Drowsy Sleep Co.’s brand new Eyelash Protecting Silk Sleep Mask to the ultimate beauty sleeper.

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After over a year of research and product development, beauty sleep brand Drowsy Sleep Co. are FINALLY ready to unveil their most coveted product to date. Introducing the Eyelash Protecting Silk Sleep Mask a game-changer for eyelash care.

Drowsy, the pioneering brand that revolutionised the beauty industry with its iconic, cult, padded silk sleep mask, is poised for another ground-breaking launch.

With thousands of requests, years of planning, and 18 months in design, the limited range of Eyelash Protecting Silk Sleep Masks launched Monday 20th May 2024.

About the Eyelash Protecting Silk Sleep MaskDamask Rose Pink Silk Sleep Mask

Crafted from luxurious, eyelash-friendly silk, this brand new sleep mask offers a sanctuary for weary eyes. Engineered to cater to natural lashes and extensions, as well as sleeping with zero pressure on your lids, its contoured, silk-lined eye cups block 100% of the light, while keeping your lashes protected from dusk till dawn.

Building upon Drowsy’s legacy of comfort and innovation, boasting the same plush 22 momme mulberry silk, the ultra-padded design, and the signature wrap-around style with a high-quality Velcro strap. Its eye cups are 1.5cm deep, specifically tailored to protect lashes and extensions, ensuring the ultimate indulgent sleep experience.

Woman Reading a NewspaperPR Mailer

To share the breakthrough news of this lash-saving sleep mask with the world, Flipside orchestrated a creative mailer to generate buzz around the brand’s latest sleep accessory.

Positioning it as headlining news, a targeted selection of beauty, wellness and lifestyle journalists received this revolutionary eye mask. Wrapped in personalised Drowsy newspaper featuring the slogan “BEAUTY BREAKTHROUGH: IS THIS LIGHTS OUT FOR LASHES?”, the mask made its impression.

Mailer Success

The mailer generated significant social coverage with a reach of 195,734. It also had amazing feedback from publications such as the Daily Mail, Metro and Eliza.


The Eyelash Protecting Silk Sleep Mask is available in Damask Rose, Moonlight Shadow and Midnight Blue, £79.00 at www.drowsysleepco.com

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