Flipside PR on designing a successful creative mailer.

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Designed to get your products in the hands of press or brand-specific influencers, creative mailers are a great way to boost brand awareness. Creative mailers are often sent when introducing a new product or brand. This is so individuals can have first-hand access to it and information about it, in a visual and impactful way.

Creativity is key to a successful mailer and generating a positive buzz around the product. The greater the impact the mailer has on the recipient, the more likely the recipient will share it on their social media or feature it in their publication. Such coverage exposes the product to the public and, thus, increases sales. 

As a PR team, it’s therefore extremely important to spend time understanding the product and its nuances, as well as working with the client, to come up with an exciting theme, angle, and effective strategy for the mailer. Spending time researching and discussing ideas is crucial to its development, originality, and overall result. You should not only consider the product itself, but also any external factors, such as budget, that may affect the creation of the mailer.

Some starting questions to consider when thinking about the product:

  • What is the purpose of the product?
  • How is it different to similar products on the market? What makes it stand out?
  • What is it made from?
  • What does the brand represent?

Some starting questions to consider when thinking about the mailer:

  • Who’s the target audience?
  • What are current trends that we can tie in?
  • What time of year is it?
  • When do we send it?
  • How will we deliver it?
  • How much budget do we have?


For our premium supplement brand Love Life Supplements, Flipside PR felt that it was important to communicate the quality of the brand via a creative mailer using one of its best-selling products, Organic Greens. We choose this “green” drink because the recipients of the mailer would be able to immediately experience the product and discover just how good it actually tastes! This differs from traditional supplements that can take longer to work and reap the benefits. We even included a branded drink shaker for ease!

From spinach to spirulina, chlorella to kale, Organic Greens is a careful blend of high quality, nutrient dense organic green “superfoods” available. Guaranteed to rejuvenate and repair your body, the powdered supplement, in a refreshing orange and lime flavour, detoxifies, energises, improves immune support, overall wellbeing and increases dietary fibre intake.

After finalising a budget and putting together a targeted list of health and wellbeing journalists from key publications, Flipside PR decided a “greens” themed hamper would suit best. This would reflect the formula’s variety of nutrient dense and organic ingredients. Working with the Happy Platter Company, we organised a selection of kale, spinach, oranges, limes, and peas to be beautifully arranged in a wooden hamper. Amongst the natural vegetables would sit the Organic Greens product with a branded Shaker Bottle. We also included an insert card detailing the key USP’s of the product and the brand.  What better way to receive a product to support the immune system throughout winter and ensure a daily dose of goodness!

Love Life Supplements Organic Greens Creatives Mailer
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