Flipside PR’s March recap! Find out about some of Flipside’s favourite trends from this month, as well as what’s coming up in April.


Catrice Cosmetics Skin Glaze

Catrice Cosmetics NEW Skin Glaze Hydrating Serum Primer for Glowy Skin is a luminous liquid serum that not only extends the wear of makeup but also gives a radiant glass-skin effect with its transparent pearl white hue and subtle rosy shimmer. This primer’s lightweight, non-greasy formula is free of fragrance, enhancing skin hydration with 0.5% Squalane without a heavy feel. As a versatile hybrid, it’s perfect for use on its own or beneath makeup to refine, brighten, and add a touch of beauty to the skin.

Catrice Cosmetics Skin Glaze, £5.50



Get the Look: Brown Mascara

We are swapping out our regular black mascara for brown mascara to get the ultimate clean-girl aesthetic. Brown mascara is softer and less dramatic than black mascara. It can also bring out the colour in many different eye colours.

Catrice Cosmetics Pure Volume Magic Mascara 010 Burgundy Brown, £3.95



Get the Look: Sunkissed Glow

This blush adds colour to your cheeks with a natural result for that perfect sunkissed glow. Easily blendable and buildable by using more product to provide a more intense colour for glowy, dewy and flushed skin.

essence Baby Got Blush Liquid Blush in 30 Dusty Rose, £3.49 



Peptide Puff Dry Shampoo, £15

This revolutionary non-aersosol dry shampoo absorbs oil, sweat and odour in an instant whilst adding volume, body and texture to dull locks. Dermatologically tested, kind to your scalp and suitable for all hair types, just pop it in your bag to refresh your hair in a few puffs!

Click here to see the new Peptide Puff Dry Shampoo in action!



Breakfast at Drowsy

Introducing Breakfast at Drowsy, the Drowsy silk sleep mask inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The light-blocking, silky, padded sleep mask has all the Drowsy vibes with some movie magic added to it. Masterfully crafted for next-level comfort and uninterrupted beauty sleep every night.

Breakfast at Drowsy Silk Sleep Mask, £79


Spring has officially sprung! With March soon to be over, April is hopping in with sunshine, blooming flowers and longer daylight hours! April is National Stress Awareness Month so now is the perfect time to create the perfect well-being routine whether that’s reading a new book or having a good spring clean.

National Vitamin C Day – April 4th 2024

Vitamin C is labelled as one of the top ingredients for anti-ageing support on the market, and the key to maintaining a radiant, even, and glowing complexion. While you may getting vitamin C in your diet, there’s no way to guarantee it’s going straight to your skin. Using serums and other topical products is the most direct way to reap these benefits. Skeyndor have a range of Vitamin C packed picks from their Power C+ Instant Illuminating Mask to their Power C+ Antiox Glowing Serum.

Shop the range at www.skeyndor.uk

Stress Awareness Month – April 2024

April is Stress Awareness Month and was established to address the causes and solutions for modern-day stress. It promotes discussions about stress and its effects plus it reduces stigma around mental health. Adults who sleep fewer than eight hours a night report higher stress levels than those who sleep at least eight hours a night. Drowsy Sleep Co have a range of products to promote well-being and help you get uninterrupted beauty sleep every night.

Click here to shop the Best Sellers www.drowsysleepco.com


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