Flipside welcomes the latest launch of Drowsy Sleep Co’s Breakfast at Drowsy Mask with a wonderfully exciting mailer.

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Launching the Breakfast at Drowsy Mask

Alongside their new super stylish Silk Scrunchies, Drowsy Sleep Co. recently unveiled one of their most luxurious launches yet: The Breakfast at Drowsy Mask

Drawing inspiration from the cult movie classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Drowsy has reimagined the iconic sleep mask to debut a magical new design that allows you to channel your inner, most glamorous, Holly Golightly.

In a classic Tiffany turquoise hue, sophisticated gold stitching and fluffy-looking lashes, the mask is an elegant accessory exuding charm. Still living up to its much-loved 22-momme, mulberry silk texture and squishy, cloud-like padding design, it’s the comfiest choice for rest and relaxation.

Determined to give the mask the welcome it deserves, Flipside orchestrated an exclusive press mailer. This, of course, themed around the beautifully elegant and beloved film.

Flipside therefore treated each journalist to their very own personalised breakfast in bed experience by curating individual Tiffany turquoise-inspired mailer boxes with a classic white bow and delivering them to the door. Each box contained an assortment of fresh pastries from Euphorium, accompanied by a selection of spreads and orange juice. Meanwhile, for that extra touch of Holly, we added the star’s signature cigarette holder and a sprinkling of pearls alongside each of the limited edition Drowsy masks. 

The Breakfast at Drowsy mailer.

Eager to heighten the anticipation, Flipside took to London’s Carnaby Street to film some engaging TikTok content. From sleep schedules to first time product reveals, Flipside approached members of the public capturing authentic, real-life opinions on the Breakfast at Drowsy Mask. 

Find the Flipside X Drowsy TikTok here.

Mailer Success

Following the mailer, Flipside garnered some terrific social coverage reaching with a total reach of 435,032. Journalists such as Victoria Woodall from Get the Gloss posted a reel wearing the mask whilst indulging in some yoga, meanwhile others such as Marie Louise Pumfrey shared their delight in unboxing their stylish new accessory. The mask has also since been featured online in Get the GlossTop Spring Wellness Buys and on their official Instagram here.

Victoria Woodhall’s reel wearing the Breakfast at Drowsy Mask whilst doing yoga.


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