The newest haircare trend is called skinification, but what exactly is it? And should we be doing it? Read our latest news release from Hair Gain. 

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Trending: The Skinification Of Hair

What Is Skinification? 

The skinification of hair is an emerging trend that addresses this subject and recognises the need to treat hair health in the same way we do our skin. This influence of the skin care world on haircare has resulted in consumers mapping their ideas about skin care products and their ingredients onto hair care. Where we hope our skin care routines reveal a glowy and radiant complexion, consumers look towards hair treatments that remedy, revitalise and reinvigorate broken or damaged hair to achieve long or luscious locks.  

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to hide from the abundance of people, products and places catering towards skin health and happiness. From our jade rollers and gua shas to our moisturisers and exfoliators, skin stuff has taken over our bathrooms (and our TikToks). 

So, whilst we seem to have mastered the magic behind healthy skin care, why should these same skin care habits die hard when it comes to hair?

The skinification of hair is centred around the scalp. As the site of the hair follicles, the scalp is crucial for hair follicle recycling and regeneration and thus, where we often see a nurtured scalp produce healthy hair, an unhealthy scalp may result in dandruff, hair loss or thinning.

Similar to skin care, scalp care products incorporate ingredients designed to exfoliate and moisturise. By tackling bacterial build-up, excess oil and dirt, as well as replenishing vital vitamins and minerals, hair care products help create the optimum conditions for hair health and growth. 

Hair Gain For Skinification

Focussing on solely hair health and growth, Hair Gain is an award-winning vegan hair care range that has been scientifically formulated to support healthy hair. Using their trademarked AnaGain™, a photonutrient derived from organic pea shoots, the hair growth cycle is prolonged by improving the anagen-telogen coefficient (the proportion of active hair follicles to degenerating ones). 

With their range stretching from hair supplements to hair masks, Hair Gain’s pea-powered products, combined with essential vitamins and minerals, promise to deliver quality results. 

In their recent case study following a 3-month trial of their Hair Gummies, results showed 91% positive feedback for those who found their hair had become fuller, stronger, and healthier, meanwhile mechanical data showed the Scalp Foam reduced hair breakage and fall by up to 60% from the first use!

“Scalp treatments are essential for maintaining healthy hair and promoting hair growth. The scalp is the foundation of the hair and provides essential nutrients to the hair follicles. Therefore, regular scalp treatments help to improve blood circulation and nourish the scalp, which promotes healthy hair growth. A scalp treatment which can be used often, such has a the Hair Gain Scalp Foam, £32, is a great to have as part of your daily scalp care routine. 

Scalp treatments can also help to address specific scalp issues such as dryness, dandruff, and oily scalp, which can all contribute to hair problems like hair shedding and thinning. By treating these issues with scalp treatments, it’s possible to promote a healthy and balanced scalp, which in turn can lead to thicker and fuller hair.”

Samantha Stewart MIT, The Spencer Clinic of Trichology

All Hair Gain products are completely vegan and come in 100% recyclable packaging.

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