If you’re planning a spring getaway or beach break, it’s not too late to pack the perfect sleep accessory. Getting a good night’s sleep when you’re not in your home environment can be a little tricky. But once you’ve found the right sleep mask for you, you can take a little slice of your home sleep set-up away with you. Enter the DROWSY SLEEP CO Silk Sleep Mask…

Luxurious Sleep On The Go With Drowsy Sleep Co

Did somebody say dreamland? Why not invest in your sleep health today with your new go-to travel essentials that can be used on the beach, on the plane or anywhere in between.

The heavenly, cloud-like Silk Sleep Mask from DOWSY SLEEP CO is the ultimate antidote to interrupted sleep while on the go. Your DROWSY Sleep Mask is a must for flights, bright or noisy lodging conditions, and as a way to help manage jet lag. Slip it on and it will completely block out all light with its extra-wide silk layers, while the Velcro strap ensures there are no tight elastics keeping you awake into the night.

Need an accompaniment to your sleep mask? Why not pick up one of the beautiful and delicate pouches to preserve the longevity of your sleep mask while on the move? Not just for sleeping, this travel accessory can help reduce stress levels or even ease away a headache.

Drowsy, the cult favourite sell out mask, is available at drowsysleepco.com

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