Flipside reveals the importance of utilising both print and digital platforms when it comes to a successful PR strategy.

Both digital and print platforms are highly important when it comes to raising brand awareness and impact. Despite today’s digital age increasingly shifting modes of communications into the online worlds of social media, print media, nevertheless, also maintains an essential role in maximising, enhancing, and protecting a company’s brand image and reputation. At Flipside PR, we understand that the strategic integration of both these mediums are what makes an effective and successful PR approach.

The Power of Print:

Print media, despite facing challenges in the digital era, still holds significant sway over certain demographics and industries. Due to their cultural or historical heritage or significance, magazines, newspapers, and niche publications can offer a tangible presence that digital platforms sometimes lack. Print is particularly important for B2B communications, and placement in trade journals is invaluable to brands looking to build their contacts and sales in the professional beauty and aesthetics space. Recognising the importance of product placements and features in such publications, Flipside consistently draws on its network of media contacts to secure client coverage.

Flipside secures across monthly, weekly, and daily print publications, including publications such as Daily MailThe SunThe TimesThe IndependentVOGUETatler and a variety of weekly publications like OK!, Take a BreakChat & Woman’s Own. In one year, we secured 92 pieces of print media for our client, The BAAPS, including expert commentary, case study placements and news stories.

Embracing the Digital Landscape

In tandem with print, digital PR forms the backbone of modern communication strategies. Often, the feature will appear in print and online, but the great thing about the latter is the results are trackable!  With the rise of online news portals, blogs, social media, and influencer marketing, digital platforms offer unparalleled reach and engagement potential at an extremely rapid rate. To ensure maximum exposure across various online publications and social media channels, Flipside frequently crafts compelling press releases, engages with influencers, as well as orchestrates press and influencer campaigns in the form of product mailers and events. Find an example of a recent Flipside mailer here and event here.

PR Results

Daily Mail

In 24 hours, This Daily Mail Article increased website traffic by 74% and sales by 128%

An article in The Times increased traffic by 61% and sales by 53%


Let’s not forget the power of TV & Radio!

Sarah Jose on ITV's This Morning with the Drowsy Silk Sleep Mask.

When Drowsy made its debut in the UK, we unveiled our flagship sleep mask to many targeted journalists & influencers, including Sarah Jossel, Beauty Director of the Sunday Times Style and ITV’s This Morning. The product was showcased on her personal Instagram, featured in her This MorningTV segment, and highlighted in her Sunday Times Style column.

The impact was remarkable – This Morning TV catapulted mask sales by an impressive 500%, generating over 10,000 website hits within a 24-hour period Subsequently, Drowsy experienced significant growth, earning repeated features in prestigious publications like VOGUEVanity FairGQGlamourELLEThe TimesThe Telegraph, and Mail Online. The heightened brand visibility facilitated product range expansion and opened additional retail opportunities for Drowsy, solidifying its position in the market. To this day Drowsy continues to generate our highest turnover of media mentions per month and is a perfect example of a brand whose robust ecommerce perfectly amplifies and supports our PR.

Through strategic planning, creative execution, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Flipside ensures coverage is continuously secured across print and digital media, enabling your brand to flourish and evolve with confidence.

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