Here’s how Flipside welcomed the brand new Silk Scrunchies from Drowsy Sleep Co. to the world!

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This week, Drowsy Sleep Co., the award-winning luxury sleep brand, introduced their latest addition: silk scrunchies. Known for their cult favourite Silk Sleep Mask, previously sported by celebrities such as Vogue Williams and Zara McDermott, Flipside celebrated this much anticipated launch with a PR mailer.

To echo the brand’s elegant and luxurious quality, Flipside aimed to craft a mailer that captured this essence. Flipside, therefore, in collaboration with the lovely Happy Platter Company, organised a variety of floral arrangements to send out to select journalists alongside the new scrunchies. In a colour palette consisting of pinks, golds, blacks and blues, each bouquet colour co-ordinated with the hair accessories to create beautifully bespoke PR packages.


Mailer Success

Flipside has garnered significant coverage across a range of print and digital publications as a result of the mailer campaign.

So far, there have been 7 pieces with a total circulation of 10,944,797. The scrunchies have been included publications such as:

Furthermore, we have recorded 20 social posts, with a total reach of 722,730.

About the Drowsy Scrunchies

The Drowsy Scrunchies are the ultimate solution for night-time hair care and day-time fashion statements. Designed to enhance hair thickness and volume while combating breakage, frizz, and dents, these scrunchies are essential hair care staples.

With its unique oversized and padded design, the Pillow Scrunchie cocoons your hair and prevents from breakage during the night. A multi-tasking hero, it can also be used to style overnight curls and blowouts, to achieve extreme volume in the morning. Created to tame even the wildest manes, it’s a thick-hair favourite.

Furthermore, for a more understated look, the Skinny Scrunchies are a timeless choice. Crafted with premium elastic and Drowsy’s signature 22-momme silk, they offer all the benefits of a silk pillowcase on the go. A mini must-have!

The Pillow and Skinny Scrunchies (£40 and £35) are available now at

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