How To Deliver A Successful Beauty PR Event: RevitaLash Case Study

lipside PR and RevitaLash Cosmetics Brow Masterclass

There are dozens of beauty PR events happening each week in London, but how many brands are really getting it right? Flipside PR always strives to execute its clients’ goals with impressive and well-attended events that create excitement within a crowded industry. If you’re wondering how we deliver our clients amazing beauty PR events, this RevitaLash case study should give you an idea. 

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lipside PR and RevitaLash Cosmetics Brow Masterclass

Flipside PR and RevitaLash Cosmetics Brow Masterclass: Summer 2023 

RevitaLash Cosmetics hosted an exclusive brow masterclass at London’s DRYBY with a special guest, MUA Francesca Abrahamovitch, organised by Flipside PR. Here’s everything you need to know, including all the details on the event and resulting coverage.

Flipside PR x RevitaLash Cosmetics

We invited a myriad of beauty and makeup influencers to attend an exclusive brow masterclass. The guests were welcomed by Lori Jacobus, President & Global CMO and Dariel Sidney, Vice President of Global Philanthropy, who shared the moving history behind the brand, created  by Dr Micheal Brikenhoff as a gift  to his beloved wife Gayle, to restore her lashes after several rounds of chemotherapy.

The guests were then treated to a live demonstration of the new brow regimen by world-renowned celebrity makeup artist Francesca Abrahamovitch. Francesca gave her professional insight to sculpting the perfect brows and lashes, using RevitaBrow® Advanced, Tinted Hi-Def Brow Gel and RevitaLash Double Ended Mascara and Primer.

Meanwhile the venue, adorned with branded vanity mirrors and brow kits, was perfectly equipped to allow the guests to try the techniques for themselves, and  they were also able to participate in an intimate Q&A session with Francesca.  

With the creative cocktails by Spin and Shake and incredible food provided by The Artisan Cookery, it was a gorgeous evening, not to be forgotten.

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lipside PR and RevitaLash Cosmetics Brow Masterclass

RevitaLash X Future Dreams Fashion Show 

A few days later we were back and hosting another VIP event with RevitaLash , the sponsors of the heart warming Future Dreams Fashion Show at St. Mary’s Marylebone. It was a celebration of resilience, strength, and the power of coming together for a cause. We invited over 20 journalists, MUA’s and Influencers as VIP guests to experience the event and to learn more about the brand’s ongoing support for breast cancer charities, research and initiatives.

Resultant Coverage

Obviously the goal of running a successful beauty PR event is to create a buzz in the industry and beyond. The most immediate measure of the success of a brand event is the social buzz it creates. The Brow Regimen Influencer Masterclass resulted in a phenomenal 89 social posts, with a total reach of over 1.7 million!  And for Future Dreams, we received an incredible 21 social posts, with a total reach of almost 200,000.

How do you deliver a successful beauty PR event?

Delivering a successful beauty PR event in London requires careful planning and execution, which Flipside PR has two decades of experience in getting right. Firstly, selecting the perfect venue is crucial, and we have a black book full of London’s best. Secondly, targeting the right influencers and beauty press ensures maximum exposure and credibility for your brand, with a full social media plan and easily accessible information about hashtags and assets. Incorporating interactive elements, such as demonstrations and workshops enhances the event’s appeal. Attention to detail is our USP, creating beauty events that stand out in a crowded calendar. 

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