Wondering what the aesthetic industry has in store for 2024? Here’s our run down of the top aesthetic trends to watch. 

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Flipside PR’s Top Aesthetic Trends to Watch

The aesthetic landscape of 2024 is marked by a diverse array of trends that celebrate individuality and personal expression. From the whimsical allure of the coquette aesthetic, with its delicate laces and pastel hues, to the edgy revival of indie sleaze, infused with moody tones and grunge elements, fashion is embracing a multitude of styles. The grandpa chic aesthetic pays homage to timeless vintage charm, while urban core and sportswear merge streetwear with bold, vibrant colors. Additionally, the mindful aesthetics movement prioritises natural, sustainable beauty, reflecting a growing demand for transparency and ethical practices in the industry.

Amino Acid Injectables

With the appetite for over-filled or frozen faces continuing to dwindle, the growing demand for tweakments that leave no trace is paving the way for a new category of ‘undetectable injectable’. 

Leading the charge for a more subtle approach to facial rejuvenation is SuneKOS. The Aesthetic Division of Professional Dietetics, a R&D company which specialises in amino acid based formulas for medical use, SuneKOS combines low molecular weight hyaluronic acid with hydrophobic amino acids to regenerate (rather than replace) collagen and elastin.

With the consistency of water, SuneKOS is virtually undetectable in the skin. Comparatively, Botulin Toxin and HA Dermal Fillers are often visually obvious. However, SuneKOS comes with all the benefits of wrinkle erasing Botulin Toxin and the volume replacement offered by HA dermal fillers, but with zero evidence the patient has ever been injected.

 SuneKOS is the only aesthetic treatment which can produce physiological amounts of collagen and elastin in the skin. It is therefore able to address a variety of indications, including cellulite, sagging skin and dark circles. 

“I like Sunekos a lot because it’s so versatile,” says cosmetic physician Dr Sarah Tonks. “It works well for wrinkle and crepiness reduction, really improving skin quality. You can use it anywhere, even in the forehead (many other skin boosters are only for the lower half of the face) and under eyes.”

Amino acid injectables are one of the aesthetic trends to watch.

Stem Cell Breasts

According to the BAAPS Annual Audit, Breast Reduction procedures were up by 122% in 2022. Many of such women opting for a smaller cup size due to lifestyle choices. “Women are being influenced by wellness and improving the quality of their lives, rather than aesthetic concerns”, says BAAPS Vice President Nora Nugent.

Some women are also removing their implants due to implant-associated complications. This includes issues such as chronic pain, capsular contraction, breast deformities, or concerns over breast implant illness. Replacement with a new implant is therefore not desirable. Instead, patients are requesting alternatives that substitute the removed implant volume for a cosmetic satisfying result.

Whilst fat transfer treatments are a natural and effective alternative to artificial implants, their success has limits. This is due to an unpredictable fat survival rate, previously thought to be between 40-60%. Aiming to improve treatment outcomes, a new fat enrichment technique has been developed by Danish Biotechnology company Stemform. This technique looks to safely and efficaciously replace the implant volume with fat grafts enriched with ex vivo expanded stem cells.

Harvesting fat from the tummy or things, the new technique boosts the naturally-occurring stem cells within the fat to increase the fat survival rate to 80-100%. Consequently, there are greater predictable treatment outcomes for patients.

Stemform's breast technique adds 80% more volume compared to conventional fat transplantation.

Cosmetic Drone Technology

With consumers more clued up on their skincare than ever before, expectations for hard-working formulas are at a record high. Enter cosmetic drone technology.

The most advanced active ingredient delivery system currently available on the market, cosmetic drone technology merges different technologies to guide the active ingredients directly to the target cell and release them where they are needed. Imagine tiny capsules with a GPS guiding the active ingredients to where they’re needed most. This ensures they remain dormant up until they reach their intended target. Its high cell selectivity makes it more effective than other release systems, increasing the efficacy of your skincare’s active ingredients to deliver targeted results.

One of the first brands to have harnessed the advanced delivery system is professional skincare brand Skeyndor. Skeyndor uses the encapsulation technology to bolster both its facial and body devices MEGAN and Slimdrone for super-charged results.

One of the upcoming aesthetic trends, Skeyndor is pioneering in its use of cosmetic drone technology in skincare.

Protective Probiome Peels

The OG skin resurfacing treatment, chemical peels are a tried and tested way of sloughing away dead skin cells to reveal better and brighter skin. The clinical favourite is not, however, without its drawbacks, as it often leaves the skin exposed and vulnerable. Setting out to counteract this less than desirable side effect, Skeyndor has developed the Probiome Peel, an innovative range of chemical peels designed to accelerate skin cell regeneration whilst also restoring the skin microbiome.

Formulated with a Multibiotic Restoring Complex, a blend of 3 hyaluronic acids, it contains prebiotics and postbiotics. The probiotic activity helps stimulate the skin’s natural internal and external defence mechanisms. This, in turn, provides comfort and protection to the skin. 

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