You won’t believe how amazing this brow mascara dupe from essence is. And at only £4, it’s flying off the shelves! Meet Thick & Wow! Brow Fixing Mascara. 

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The £4 Brow Mascara Dupe from essence 

Looking for that perfect brow fixing mascara? Don’t fancy forking out a fortune for it? Look no further than the Thick & Wow! Brow Fixing Mascara from essence cosmetics.

Coming in at under £4.00, essence once again beats your beauty budget expectations, giving your fan favourite NYX Thick It. Stick It! Brow Mascara (£11.00) a run for its money (quite literally)!

Containing the same volumising fibres used by NYX to achieve their raved-about results, essence too masters the art of fuller and thicker brows with precise colour texture.

Thick & Wow! Brow Fixing Mascara

With this product, fixing and styling your eyebrows could not be made any easier (and cheaper) with this NYX dupe. Whether you want a more dramatic or natural brow look, the integrated applicator and brush means that no matter what time of day, you can style your brows anywhere and in any way you like.

Should you ever find yourself unsure on what shade suits you best, essence’s brow mascara comes in a range of four shades covering both light and dark tints.

Experts in creating cruelty-free and vegan-friendly products, essence’s Thick & Wow! Brow Fixing Mascara is the perfect option when it comes to product picks. Also proudly free from microplastic particles, nanoparticles, perfume, oil, alcohol, parabens and acetone.

The Thick & Wow! Brow Fixing Mascara (£3.49) is available at

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