Personalised skincare just got an AI upgrade. Allow us to introduce you to SKINMADE, the tailor-made skincare brand that is launching at EF Medispa. 

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The German personalised skincare brand using advanced, pioneering Artificial Intelligence to develop made to measure products that meet the individual needs of your skin.

Your skin is as specifically unique as you are – and therefore deserves specifically unique love and attention. German personalised skincare brand Skinmade is the world’s first skincare brand that uses advanced technology and artificial intelligence to listen to, measure and understand your skin’s individual needs. Specific ingredients are then selected to offer products that are optimally designed for your skin only.

Skinmade computer system

There are many different factors that determine your skin’s current condition and challenges, like the weather, your stress-level, hormones and your lifestyle. Skinmade’s scientists have developed an advanced, original biophysical skin reading system that captures exactly what your skin currently needs. This reading system, combined with the brand’s industry leading artificial intelligence, takes the data from your skin, translates it into a set of ingredients, freshly mixes up the formula and creates your personalised moisturiser. Skinmade offers beauty products made by your skin.

“Originally we were working with this technology in the Fraunhofer-Institute in Germany, when we realised the potential to use this intelligence for personalised skincare. Today we are absolutely at the forefront of this capability within the worldwide skincare industry. One day we will all look back and think it is crazy that we all used the  same generic skincare products, instead of having individual products that are designed specifically for us, by our own skin. Products that are Skinmade.”

Skinmade founder Molecular & Cell Biologist, Dr. Lars Rüther

The brand will first launch in the UK in London’s leading clinic EF Medispa, renowned for pioneering, cutting edge skincare and treatments.


The idea behind the brand is to acknowledge the skin as its own beauty & health expert. Simply book a  five minute Skinmade reading at a clinic or salon and your personalised products will be developed in Germany and delivered to you within 5 working days. Regular skin readings are recommended, as your skin’s needs are constantly changing throughout the year. Complimentary Skinmade  cleansers and serums  are also available and once you have your skin reading your skincare adviser will know which ones are uniquely suited to your skin concerns.

Skinmade is available now from EF Medispa London, and

Skinmade Personalised Moisturiser, £225

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