We are excited to announce that Studio10 Beauty is now represented by Flipside London PR in the UK. This positive, pro-age beauty brand has been developed 100% by women, for women, and we can’t wait to share all their news with you! 

Who looks after the PR for Studio10 in the UK? Flipside PR! Contact us to find out more. 

Introducing Studio10 Beauty

Studio10 was founded by Grace Fodor when she hit her 40s and felt that she had been labelled ‘middle-aged’ and let down by the beauty industry. Her solution was to find her own answers, by creating ‘quick-fix’ solutions made especially for mature skin, made using the best skincare ingredients. The result? Products that are easy to use, with superior formulas, textures, colours and finishes. 

They are all developed by women, for women, with mature skin in mind and created to address the needs of firming, hydration and fighting free-radical damage. 

Key Ingredients

Studio10 products contain three key skincare and active ingredients that make them so effective for mature skin. 

  1. Suberlift (to improve suppleness, elasticity and firmness)
  2. Nyamplumg Oil (to stimulate cell repair and prevent premature ageing)
  3. Hyaluronic Acid (to boost hydration)
Studio 10 Makeup


Studio10 is founded around a philosophy of PRO AGE, not anti-ageing. Women should not have to turn back the clocks to feel or be considered beautiful. Instead, they should be able to embrace their transforming beauty and feel confident and more beautiful as they age. 

It’s not anti-ageing, but anti-ageism. 

Hero Products

We look forward to bringing you the latest product news and releases in coming months, but if you’re new to the brand, check out: 

CHECK OUT THESE AND MORE AT studio10beauty.com

Photo by Camille Brodard on Unsplash

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