A trichologist reveals her top healthy hair tips to reviving your natural curl pattern without forking out a fortune.

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From over-styling to excessive heat, damaging our locks can take a serious toll on our curls. This can lead to weakened strands and a loss of definition. If you’re ready to repair and revive your natural curl pattern, restoring the health of your follicles is the fundamental first step in getting the spring back in your strands.

The Trichologist-Approved Products to Know

Designed to feed follicles at source, Hair Gain’s range of edible supplements combine clinically tested ingredients with essential vitamins and minerals to support healthy hair from within. These essential nutrients provide the building blocks necessary for strong, resilient hair, laying the foundation for restoring your natural curl pattern.

“Adding the Hair Gain Capsules or Gummies to your hair care regime will help support recovery and promote thicker, fuller and stronger hair”, explains Consultant Trichologist and Hair Gain Ambassador Samantha Stewart MIT.

“They contain AnaGain™, an ingredient derived from organic pea shoots that is clinically proven to stimulate the hair follicles, as well as hair boosting vitamins, minerals and aminos such as Biotin, Zinc and Niacin.”

By promoting scalp health and stimulating hair follicles, these supplements encourage growth, facilitating the emergence of vibrant, bouncy curls. As your hair regains its strength and vitality, you’ll notice a marked improvement in curl retention and definition, allowing your natural curls to shine through.

A Curly Hair Case Study

Melanie Loubser completely lost her curl pattern due to years of over-styling. As such, she embarked on a hair health journey to restore her natural curl using Hair Gain’s Capsules and Gummies.

“I have been using Hair Gain vitamins for a few years now and my hair is so much thicker & healthier”, says Melanie. “As my hair has gotten healthier, it has meant my curl has become more defined. In the past my hair was thin and frizzy, so I used to straighten it. Now it’s naturally wavy and I don’t have to straighten it anymore. I couldn’t be happier!”

In addition to fostering healthier hair, these supplements can also address common concerns such as thinning and shedding, helping you achieve a fuller, more luscious mane that complements your curl pattern beautifully.

Embracing a holistic approach to hair care is key to maximising the efficacy of Hair Gain supplements. Incorporating gentle cleansing routines, hydrating treatments, and protective styling practices can complement the nourishing effects of these supplements. This ensures that your curls receive the care and attention they deserve.

It’s important to note that while Hair Gain supplements offer promising results, patience and consistency are essential virtues on your journey to restored curls. Additionally, hair growth is a gradual process, and meaningful transformations take time. Samantha recommends taking a hair supplement for “a minimum of 3 months to build up the nutrients in your body.”

Meet the Products Restoring Your Natural Curl Pattern

Hair Gain Hair Capsules in pink and black packagingHair Gain Capsules, £36.99

Designed to feed follicles at source, the Hair Gain Capsules have been scientifically formulated to support healthy hair from within. This unique formula combines the clinically tested AnaGain™ with essential vitamins and minerals. Backed by trichologists, the capsules also support normal collagen formation as well as the health of skin and nails.

 Hair Gain Gummies, £29.99Hair Gain Hair Gummies in pink and black packaging

Hair Gain Gummies combine clinically tested ingredients with essential vitamins and minerals to support healthy hair from within. With an award-winning formula that is back by trichologists, these delicious apple & berry flavoured, chewable gummies offer nutritional support for the health of the hair, skin, nails and the body’s natural collagen production.

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