The skincare market is saturated with products, so much so that staying up to date with what’s trending, and what’s not, can be pretty much impossible. So, here at Flipside PR, we thought we’d help break down those decisions and share with you the latest low-down on what’s in and what’s out.

Suncare Trends

OUT: Sun Cream

Particularly in the summer months, we virtually all understand the value of SPF as an essential part of our skincare. Sun creams seems to be the go-to protective product, however the sticky texture can often feel heavy on the skin, clog pores and potentially cause some pesky breakouts…

IN: Sun Fluid

Sun fluid is the latest term coined by the skindustry to refer to sun protection products whose consistency aligns with an oil as opposed to a cream or lotion. Face oils containing SPF have become a new favourite amongst Skintellectuals, who have been busily recognising the benefits of the protective barrier it creates, both keeping out environmental stressors whilst keeping the skin hydrated and nutrient dense. Sliding onto the scene is Skinmade’s Protect & Care Sun Oil SPF 50. The perfect pick when it comes to finding a sun fluid that is silky in texture without leaving a slimy oily residue, this oil is easy to apply and light on the skin. Using an antioxidant considered to be the strongest in the world, this SPF cares for the complexion providing that much-wanted UVA and UVB protection as well as repairing inflamed and UV damaged cells. P.S. it lasts for up to 8 hours!

Skincare Regime Trends

OUT: Multiple skincare products

 The days of crowded cabinets and cramped cosmetic bags are over. Making sure your skin is nourished with all the important ingredients doesn’t mean you have to use a million products or sustain a 7 step skincare routine…

IN: All-in-one skincare products

Why not make it easier? Why not save time? Studio10’s Hydra-fusion Daily Defence SPF30 is the 5-in-1 product created to simplify and streamline your skincare routine. Infused with the cutting-edge ingredients Hymagic 4D Hyaluronic Acid, Astaxanthin and Peptides it nourishes, perfects, protects, restores and primes your skin in a single effortless step. Easy and portable, this small yet mighty tube can accompany you at home or abroad ensuring your skin survives and thrives throughout the day.

Skincare Ingredient Trends

OUT: Rosemary

In the past year or two, haircare fanatics went crazy on TikTok recommending rosemary oil as the new miracle treatment for haircare and growth. Found to moisturise the scalp and improve blood circulation, rosemary oil was seen to stimulate the follicles making the hair grow longer and stronger whilst helping slow down premature hair loss…

IN: Pea

Step aside rosemary oil and prepare to meet the pea! A phytonutrient derived from the organic pea shoot, AnaGainTM is the ingredient we should all be turning to. Shown to stimulate specific signal molecules in the dermal papilla, the powerful pea reactivates hair growth, prolongs the hair growth cycle, and results in stronger hair less susceptible to hair loss. Exclusively trademarked by Hair Gain, the brand’s products are revolutionary in the hair game, with a recent clinical study finding the ingredient to contribute to a 78% increase in hair growth and 86% of users noticing a significant improvement in their hair. From hair foams to gummies, whatever way you wish to incorporate the pea into your lifestyle, Hair Gain has it all. 

Brow Trends


A defining Y2K look, the 90s razor-thin, over-plucked and arched brows keeping going in and out of vogue. But, for now, these ultra-skinny and slinky brows seem to be losing the limelight, with individuals not only tired of the tedious plucking needed to maintain the look, but figuring out that such overplucking can considerably damage the hair follicles and lead to permanent hair loss.


With the beauty industry celebrating minimalist makeup defined by natural-looking, dewy skin and flushed cheeks, it’s no surprise that when it comes to brows, the more natural, the better. With RevitaBrow Advanced, getting bushier brows is more than possible with this scientifically-advanced serum. With its BioPeptin Complex®, the serum conditions and strengthen brows to protect against breakage and produce visibly beautiful eyebrows with 96% claiming to experience an improved appearance of eyebrows overall. However, bushy brows are not messy brows, so if you fancy a more polished look, applying a little coat of the High-Def Brow Gel will fix the furs in place and tidy up that appearance.

Photo by Birgith Roosipuu on Unsplash

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