The Waldorf Hotel, London, played host to the first annual Menopause in Aesthetics (MiA) conference on 10 February 2023. The sell-out event, which focussed on the synergy between menopause and aesthetics, was attended by more than 270 practitioners. 

Menopause was one of the most talked about health topics of 2022, with women taking charge of their bodies, rights and lives to demand better support and a deeper understanding in the workplace, media and at a Government level.

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About Menopause In Aesthetics (MiA) Conference 2023

Sponsored by Roseway Labs (headline sponsor), 5 Squirrels, Human Health, Vivacy, Derma Focus, ESK, and BTL and supported by 20 other exhibitors, the event aimed to unite professionals from a broad spectrum of specialities with one common aim – to better serve women on their journey through menopause. 

Speakers included Dr Shirin Lakhani, Dr Mayoni Gooneratne, Dr Yusra Al-Muhktar, Dr Sophie Shotter, Tracey Dennison, Dr Vikram Talaulikar, Esther Fieldgrass, Miriam Martinez Callejas, Tania Malan, Piroska Cavell, Deborah Forsythe, Dr Raquel Amado, Dr Charlotte Gribbin, Dr Martin Kinsella, Alice Hart-Davis, Fiona Clark, Dr Ginni Mansberg, Dr Bhavjit Kaur, Dr Hala Mahfoud, Dr Louise Carter and Dr Nichola Conlon. 

Lynne & Rachel Flipside
Lynne Thomas, Flipside PR

Topics covered everything from hormones and skin changes to hair loss and weight gain, with discussion around referral pathways, collaborative working and regulation. 

The event was run by Aesthetic Associates, a company founded by Charlotte Body, and with a team of consultants including Vicky Eldridge, Chloe Gronow and Danny Large, who collectively have more than five decades of experience organising events in the aesthetics space and have pioneered some of the UK’s leading aesthetics conferences, awards and exhibitions. 

How Did It Go?

Charlotte said, “We were blown away with the response to our first Menopause in Aesthetics event. We have had such amazing feedback from delegates, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors alike, proving that menopause truly is one of the key issues of our time. 

“Through our own personal experience working in the sector, we truly believe aesthetic practitioners have a key role to play in supporting women on their journey through menopause, and we are proud to have facilitated discussion around this important issue.

“Our next venture will be bringing this to the public with the launch of our consumer-facing event – Pause – taking place on June 10 at The Grand Connaught Rooms, London.”

Dr Shirin Lakhani, intimate health specialist and founder of Elite Aesthetics, who chaired the day alongside Mayoni Gooneratne, founder of Human Health and vice president of the British College of Functional Medicine, said, “I was so delighted to have been involved in the inaugural MiA conference. I have been passionate about women’s health and have successfully integrated it into my aesthetic practice. It was incredible to see how well this event was received, and the feedback from those in attendance has been phenomenal. It shows how as medical practitioners, we are realising the impact we can have on our patients’ lives by having a holistic approach to age management. I want to wholeheartedly congratulate Vicky, Charlotte and their incredible team for putting on such an important event.”

Dr Gooneratne added, “For me, MiA was truly heartwarming and uplifting. To finally join the dots and explain why I have been delivering our services for the last eight years at the clinic was life-affirming. Thank you for the opportunity to chair and be so closely involved with the delivery of such a milestone event in aesthetics and women’s health.”

Menopause in Aesthetics Conference 2024

Menopause in Aesthetics 2024 will take place on Friday, February 9, 2024, at The Grand Connaught Rooms, London. MiA’s consumer-facing event, Pause, will take place at the same venue on June 10, 2023. For more information, visit 

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