We have a double hit of newness for you! Flipside is thrilled to announce that we are now looking after UK PR for Halcyon Aesthetics and Dr OBT. And we’re kick-starting with an exciting new lip filler trend for 2023. Angel Lips by Dr OBT is a new hydrating and plumping filler technique that prevents an over ‘done’ pout. 

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Trending: Angel Lips By Dr OBT

Introducing Angel Lips, not your standard Instagram lips! The bespoke technique has been created by Dr OBT to create natural-looking lips that respect the anatomy of the lip, accentuate its strong points, and disguise the weaker areas.

Dr OBT works with dermal fillers and with Botox to not only volumise, but to treat the area around the lips to disguise fine lines and lift the corners of the mouth, offering a variety of beautiful shapes, and catering to your desires.

With just 10 minutes to your dream Angel Lips, this popular and highly in-demand technique sees Dr OBT treating around 900 patients a month.

Angel Lips By Dr OBT

DR OBT On The Lip Trend

“The Russian lips technique that you often see on social media, has destroyed many lips. It might look good on Instagram, but cannot stand the test of time. The Russian Lip is created with a group of techniques that basically achieve height on a lip. This means the pink of the lip is raised higher on the top lip and gives the illusion of shortening the philtrum. Equally, the bottom lip drops lower giving a deeper ‘V’ shaped curve toward the chin. Too much dermal filler is injected in one treatment and eventually they migrate outwards leaving a “white moustache”, a bulge above the upper lip that has to be dissolved.” – Dr OBT, Halcyon Aesthetics 

What’s Different About Angel Lips?

Angel Lips are inspired by natural beauty. The goal is not to distort and change the shape of the lips. It can take between 2-6 sessions to achieve the result and to prevent filler migration. Dr OBT offers a variety of beautiful shapes that cater to the individual.

Time: 20-30mins

Results: Instant, and optimal in a week.

Prices: From £550

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What Else Is Trending In Lip Aesthetics?

Current lip aesthetics trends focus on achieving a natural, subtle look. Popular techniques include the Russian lip for vertical height, cherry lips for a pouty centre, and lip flips for a non-surgical lift. Precision injection methods like lip tenting create defined yet soft results. The emphasis is on enhancing individual features harmoniously rather than dramatic over-filling.

Top photo by Morgan Alley on Unsplash

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