Flipside PR is thrilled to announce we are now looking after the UK PR for pet brand HeaLEDContact us to find out more. 

An introduction to HeaLED

HeaLED is the first wearable, at-home LED device designed to restore health and wellbeing to pets. This includes those suffering from anxiety or acute or chronic conditions caused by injury or disease.

Previously, LED light therapy products and treatments have been used within the human cosmetic and medical fields. HeaLED is pioneering in taking the same science to tackle the pet industry. 

Embedded with LEDs, the Pet Therapy Wrap and the Pet Therapy Coat harness the Red and Infrared light wavelengths to target specific cells in the body and aid tissue repair. The same LED technology has helped create an anti-inflammatory response, alleviate pain, reduce healing time, manage anxiety, and encourage recovery, therefore perfect for any pet suffering from pain or discomfort.

What Flipside PR loves about HeaLED

Flipside PR has a strong understanding of the myriad of beauty benefits brought to us by Light Therapy. As a non-invasive, drug-free device solely relying on red light therapy, our team is excited to support HeaLED in their mission to extend the LED benefits to pets.


HeaLED emerged out of the growing success of LED therapy usage in the beauty and skincare industries. Sue D’Arcy, founder of world-renowned skincare device faceLITE, recognised the the huge market opportunity when it comes to pets. As such, with over 25 years of industry experience, she quickly realised she could use her knowledge of light therapy to create LED devices that could heal pets just as much as they do humans.

To find out more, visit healedpets.co.uk

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