Cellulite is categorically part of being a woman – regardless of our shape or size, but if it bothers you, this new treatment approach, originally developed by scientists for wound healing, could be the answer. Introducing SuneKOS® Cell, a Flipside PR client. 

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Cellulite can appear on women of all fitness levels and body shapes. “Cellulite is a common condition mainly affecting women. It occurs when underlying fatty tissue starts to push through tougher connective tissue under the skin, resulting in a lumpy appearance. It is typically seen in areas with higher amounts of fat, like the thighs and buttocks. The exact cause is unknown but it is currently thought that a mixture of genetic, environmental and hormonal factors are responsible for its formation”, says Dr Rita Nandi, Founder and Medical Director of the Bloom Clinic.

What Causes Cellulite?

Cellulite is a multifactorial condition that affects the skin’s appearance, resulting in a dimpled or “orange peel” texture. The exact cause of cellulite is not fully understood, but it is believed to involve various factors such as genetics, hormones, connective tissue structure, lifestyle factors, and age. These factors can contribute to the development and visibility of cellulite. While there are many treatment options available, it is important to note that only multidirectional treatment approaches have shown satisfactory results.

What Is SuneKOS® Cell?

SuneKOS® Cell is a revolutionary cellulite treatment that uses a unique mix of Hyaluronic Acid and Amino Acids in an injectable Alkaline solution. Most treatments  simply dissolve the fat around the affected area but SuneKOS® Cell activates the body’s own stimulus of collagen and elastin to repair the damage which causes cellulite.

“The importance with Cell is that it is aiming to restructure rather than destroy – renovating the Extra Cellular Matrix and reducing inflammation”, explains Dr Mark Holmes, SuneKOS® Global Opinion Leader.

“It remodels the collagen and elastin, in turn neutralising the acidosis typical of the inflammation in cellulite”.

Comprising of a precise combination of Hyaluronic Acid, Amino Acids and an Alkaline Solution, the cutting-edge formula improves the structure of the ECM, adjusting micro circulation and reducing fibrosis. Owing to its restorative function, SuneKOS® Cell is, unlike most cellulite treatments on the market, a comfortable treatment that delivers dynamic, long-term results including smoothness, lift, and a reduction of inches.

Patients will experience a reset. SuneKOS®  is the only injectable product in the market that is able to produce the same physiological amounts of collagen and elastin that exist in our own skin. The amino acids contained in SuneKOS® fire up the fibroblasts and receptors to create collagen and elastin and the skin starts to behave as if it was back in a youthful phase of ageing. Extraordinarily, results will never go back to base line and, depending on lifestyle factors, rejuvenation benefits can be permanent.

“I’ve seen doctors getting rid of their big expensive machines designed to melt cellulite. I’m not surprised when they take so many sessions to get less of a result than SuneKOS® Cell can achieve in one. SuneKOS® Cell is the only treatment out there that can neutralise the acidity of the cellulite tissues, it’s no wonder it can reverse the condition so intensely and quickly. It’s a global yardstick in cellulite treatment for both speed, intensity, and ease all at the same time.” said Cosmetic Doctor, Dr Abs Settipalli. 

SuneKOS® Cell takes approx. 45 minutes. Up to 4 treatments are needed 2-3 weeks apart. £850-£950 for a course of 4.

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SuneKOS® Laboratories are the Aesthetic Division of Professional Dietetics, an Italian Research & Development Company specialised in Amino Acid-based formulas for medical use. Their R&D is focused on tissue regeneration and has been specialised in patented Amino Acids formulas since 1996. MedFX are the appointed UK/IE partner and official training providers of SuneKOS®.

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