Read how Hair Gain helped influencer ‘Virtual Curlfriend’ regain her curls in just 6 weeks after suffering from ‘post-holiday hair loss’. 

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Molly’s Story

Extreme hair loss left Molly Kitcheman, 23, devastated after her 4-month trip around Australia.

Influencer @mollysringlets has amassed an impressive 114K Instagram following thanks to her user-generated educational curly hair content. She was therefore distraught when she started to experience post-holiday hair concerns such as thinning, dryness and most upsetting – quite extreme hair loss – around her temples and hair line.

Desperate to restore her hair to its former glory, she embarked on a hair growth journey with Hair Gain. She started taking the Hair Gain Gummies daily, applied the Hair Gain Scalp Foam every other night and used the Hair Gain Hair Mask on a weekly basis.

After just 6 weeks, she saw that the hair around her temples was starting to fill in and look a lot less sparse. 4 months on, the general hair growth around the temples and hair line is amazing.

“I’ve noticed such a difference from building the gummies and scalp foam into my hair care regime”, says Molly. “They really are miracle products!”

“Not only has [the foam] helped to restore my hairline but it’s lightweight and not greasy at all. I struggle with my skin and when I use oils on my scalp they transfer to my forehead causing breakouts. I’ve never had this problem with the foam which is another reason why I love it so much.”

Amazed by her results, Molly shared her journey with her 100k+ Instagram following. She admitted: “I didn’t expect that in just three months my hair would go from that to this. My hair is now the longest and the thickest it’s ever been!”.



Molly isn’t alone in her experience of post-holiday hair concerns. Many users on TikTok echo issues of thinning, dryness and hair loss after an extended period of travelling.

“Changes in the condition of the hair and scalp can be linked to too much exposure to the sun, sea salt and chlorine. This can cause the hair to become dry, dehydrated and brittle and lead to damage such as split ends and breakage”, explains Samantha Stewart MIT, Consultant Trichologist and Hair Gain Ambassador.

“It’s important to ensure that when travelling the hair and scalp is protected from the harsh rays of the sun in the same way you protect your skin”, she continues. “Wear a hat or scarf when sitting in direct sun light to ensure the scalp is protected. Use a bespoke product like the Hair Gain Scalp Foam to soothe and hydrate your scalp and hair and reduce breakage.

Use specialist scalp SPF products during the day. When washing your hair, use a hydrating hair mask to restore moisture to your locks. I’d also highly recommend the Hair Gain Hair Mask. It’s packed with conditioning agents that will restore moisture and shine immediately”.



Hair Gain Scalp Foam Pink Product Hair Gain Scalp Foam, £32

Packed with science backed vitamins and AnaGain™ technology, this fast-absorbing water-based formula reinforces scalp health without clogging pores, in turn stimulating hair follicles and creating the perfect environment to promote thinker, fuller locks.

Hair Gain Gummies, £29.99Hair Gain Hair Gummies

Hair Gain Gummies combine clinically tested ingredients with essential vitamins and minerals to support healthy hair from within. With an award-winning formula that is back by trichologists, these delicious apple & berry flavoured, chewable gummies offer nutritional support for the health of the hair, skin, nails and the body’s natural collagen production.

Hair Gain Hair MaskHair Gain Hair Mask, £32

This luxurious hair mask, designed to provide deep nourishment and hydration, promotes fuller, thicker, and stronger hair through its scientific formulation. The restorative formula helps to nurture and revitalise the scalp, leading to reduced hair loss, improved hair quality and increased lustre and shine.

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