Channel 4 presenter Davina McCall couldn’t be happier with this £63 luxury sleep candle…

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Drowsy Sleep Ritual Candle

Whilst recording her Make the Cut podcast, the former Big Brother presenter Davina McCall announced that the Drowsy Sleep Ritual Candle was “up there with the greatest candles of time”. The much-loved TV presenter is praised for her unapologetically honest self, and so when it comes to picking out products, Davina’s undying devotion to honesty makes her opinions hard to dispute. 

Available for £63, the Drowsy Sleep Ritual Candle is a complex combination of cedarwood, bergamot, ylang ylang, vetiver and wild lavender, working together to wind you down. Made using the finest natural essential oils, the candle sets the scene, soothes the senses, and seduces you into the ultimate night’s sleep.  

What’s more, the dual-wick design doubles the time for self-indulgence whilst ensuring a slow, clean, toxin-free burn.   

Davina’s favourite candle is completely rid of rainforest-harming ingredients, instead made from 100% pure soy wax from renewable sources, thus allowing you to have that guilt-free feeling for good.

With the darker days of Autumn and Winter approaching, there’s nothing better than enjoying an evening of rest and relaxation with a candle designed to deliver you that perfect moment of mindfulness. 

Whether it be a cosy Christmas gift or a cheeky treat-your-self moment, if it’s good enough for Davina, it’s good enough for us!

But, if you still weren’t completely convinced, the reviews certainly speak for themselves. You can read the reviews on the Drowsy Sleep Candle product page

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