Flipside PR reflects on a the results of a successful year in their public relations campaign for BAAPS.

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This Year in Public Relations

In the dynamic world of public relations, success is often measured by the impact on media coverage, circulation, and the achievement of strategic objectives.

In 2023, Flipside PR orchestrated an exceptional public relations campaign for the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (BAAPS), leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

As a result of a series of well-crafted press releases, events, and the launch of the BAAPS Press Advisory Board, Flipside PR successfully navigated the media landscape. This has resulted in a staggering 345 pieces of coverage with a total circulation of over 14.8 billion.

Unveiling the Numbers

Press Releases and Statements

Six strategic press releases and statements were issued from the BAAPS press office, disseminating information and generating interest.

Total Coverage Breakdown

  • Total Pieces of Coverage: 345
  • Total Circulation: 14,856,040,749

Type of Coverage

  • Print Pieces: 92
  • Online Pieces: 250
  • Radio Pieces: 3
  • TV Appearances: 1

Public Relations Campaign Highlights

Media Giants: The Daily Mail and BBC

One of the remarkable achievements of Flipside PR’s campaign was securing eight features in The Daily MailMail Online, and Mail on Sunday combined. The campaign also yielded six features on BBC Online. specifically focusing on cosmetic tourism and audit figures. Meanwhile, an additional three features on cosmetic tourism were secured in ITV Online.

Coverage Breakdown by Topics

  • Audit Figures: 44%
  • Cosmetic Tourism: 37%
  • Other Topics Related to Cosmetic Surgery: 19%

Key Public Relations Events

Trends in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Press Conference

The pivotal 2023 press conference hosted by Flipside provided key insights into topics and speakers highlighted at the BAAPS Annual Scientific Meeting. Internationally renowned surgeons, including Chia Chi Kao, Jerry O’Daniel, Wafaa Mradmi Alami-Afilal, and Spero Theodorou, shared groundbreaking techniques and pioneering research. As a result, this event secured nine pieces of press coverage. Notable mentions came from in The Sun and The Mirror, who broke a story about an upcoming Dermal Filler Safety Study.

Renowned surgeon Dr. Spero Theodorou attended the public relations Press Conference.
Renowned surgeon Dr. Spero Theodorou attended the BAAPS Press Conference.

Public Relations Launch of The BAAPS Press Advisory Board

The introduction of the BAAPS Press Advisory Board (PAB) marked a significant milestone in fostering a two-way communication channel between media specialists and key opinion leaders in aesthetic plastic surgery. Chaired by Francesca Ogiermann-White, Editor of Tatler’s Cosmetic Surgery Guide, the board comprises journalists from leading media outlets such as The TelegraphDaily Mail, and HELLO! Magazine. The inaugural Press Advisory Board dinner in September facilitated an exclusive preview of speakers and topics presented at the BAAPS Annual Conference 2023.

Francesca Ogiermann-White, Editor of Tatler's Cosmetic Surgery Guide, chaired the BAAPS Press Advisory Board.
Francesca Ogiermann-White, Editor of Tatler’s Cosmetic Surgery Guide, chaired the BAAPS Press Advisory Board.

Since its inception, the PAB has expanded its membership, welcoming esteemed journalists like John Ely from the Mail Online. This collaborative approach between the media and industry experts hopes to promote safety and awareness of cosmetic surgery in the UK.

In conclusion, Flipside PR’s strategic campaign coupled with BAAPS’ commitment to innovation and safety, has resulted in a resounding success. The campaign not only achieved impressive coverage numbers but also positioned BAAPS as a leading authority in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery. Website hits to the Find A Surgeon section of the website increased by 30%. Furthermore, as the industry evolves, this collaboration sets a benchmark for future endeavours in the realm of public relations and cosmetic surgery.

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