Speaking to a vet, these are the three ways in which the HeaLED LED light therapy devices can help improve your dog walks.

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How HeaLED can help your dog walks

1. Reactive or Anxious Dogs

An everyday occurrence, dog walks are a fundamental part of being a dog owner. Whilst walks are usually a fun time for you and your furry friend, for some, it can be a seriously stressful time and take a toll on the quality of the walk. However, by harnessing the power of LED light therapy, pet brand HeaLED’s clinically-tested product range has the potential to perfect your pet’s walk.

A surprising number of owners find dog walks to be extremely difficult due to their pet’s reactive or anxious nature. More easily triggered by external stimuli, reactive dogs often lunge, bark or growl, usually as a result of anxiety, fear or frustration. However, incorporating the HeaLED LED Therapy Coat or Wrap into your dog’s routine can help calm and control those struggling with stress. Working with the body’s natural processes, the red and infrared LED wavelengths penetrate the skin and stimulate blood circulation. This helps to relieve tension in the muscles and promote the relaxation of muscle tissue. Such relaxation results in a reduced heart rate, therefore freeing your pet from potential anxiety and leaving them feeling calm.

Vet Rebecca O’Brien has frequently applied the HeaLED LED Therapy Wrap to one of her dogs. She says: “I am using it as part of an anxiety care plan going forward. She [the dog] used to be quite reactive on walks and so I’ve incorporated the HeaLED Wrap on pre and post walks, and I’ve seen a massive difference. I’m really happy.”

Ralph, a cockapoo, wearing the HeaLED LED Therapy Coat on a dog walk

2. Old or Sick Dogs

For owners with old dogs or dogs that suffer from arthritis or other muscle and joint issues, dog walks can be a worry. With their fragile bones and painful limbs, dogs may experience increased discomfort during or after exercising on walks. However, the HeaLED LED Therapy Wrap, when applied to the painful area, uses its light therapy technology to target the body’s repair and wound-healing cells and trigger an anti-inflammatory response that eases pain in stiff joints.

For another of her dogs, Rebecca O’Brien adds: “For my oldest dog, Lochi, I use this as care for his joint and muscles, pre and post walks. I use it as part of our ongoing conditioning plan.”

3. Active Dogs

Finally, for dogs that have a high intensity lifestyle or like a long walk, the Wrap and Coat can aid your pet’s performance and recovery. Using the same LED technology, HeaLED relaxes muscle tissue and relieves join stiffness so your pet can prepare for their next dog walk or doggy day out.

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