Introducing NutraKOS®: The first ever Amino Acid drink destined to outshine its collagen competitors in the wellness world.

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Collagen drinks have taken the wellness world by storm in the last few years. With the promise of improving elasticity, minimising the appearance of fine lines, and fortifying hair and nails, it’s little surprise that the liquid elixir has surged in popularity. The hashtag #collagen has racked up over 4.7 billion views on TikTok. 

Promising to eclipse the liquid elasticiser as its cooler, younger sister is the first ever drinkable Amino Acid: NutraKOS®

A dietary supplement of amino acids designed to support healthy skin, hair and nails from within, NutraKOS® is the brainchild of SuneKOS®, the aesthetic division of Professional Dietetics – an Italian R&D Company specialised in Amino Acid-based formulas for rapid wound healing.

NutraKOS® harnesses the regenerative power of Amino Acids. The drinkable sachets supercharge collagen and elastin production, working to complement the science behind SuneKOS® clinical treatments.

The daily consumption of a NutraKOS® drinkable stick pack stimulates the production of collagen and elastin whilst aiding the process of tissue regeneration. The unique amino acids formula is rapidly absorbed by the body to begin renewing skin tissue from the inside, out. Structural proteins are restored, resulting in an all-round glow of softer skin, stronger nails and healthier, shiny hair.

Clinically proven to aid skin renewal from the inside, research showed significant results in improved skin plastoelasticity and hydration in just 30 days of use.


Drink sachet contents by itself. Alternatively, dilute in water or any other beverage at mild temperature. Recommended dosage : 1-2 sachets a day. Two courses of 30 sachets per year.

NutraKOS Amino Acid Drink

A 30-sachet supply of NutraKOS Drinkable is available from £59.99 at

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