Flipside’s tips to successful ‘trendjacking’.

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Both a PR and marketing strategy, ‘trendjacking’ is a term used to describe a situation where brands create innovative content based on current social media trends to boost product sales and brand engagement. Due to the newsworthiness of the subject, a brand that is able to identify a trend and respond quickly and effectively to it with their own distinct touch, tends to ensure heightened brand visibility, potentially leading to increased profits.

Tips for Trendjacking

Types of trends:

  • Topic
  • Hashtag
  • Sound
  • Image
  • Video
  • Meme


Timing is crucial. The fast-paced nature of social media means trends evolve rapidly and are constantly changing. It is therefore important to conduct thorough research before proceeding. It is equally as possible too too early and too late for a trend.


It’s important to note that not all trends will be relevant to your brand. Careful consideration of the trend and its compatibility with your brand is crucial to its success.


When it comes to trendjacking, it’s vital to think outside of the box! How can you make it engaging? How can you make it unique to the brand?

On a recent episode of Love Island All Stars, Georgia Steel made headlines for a hilariously serious comment she made on the show. Given the focus on hair, Flipside saw this as a great opportunity to pitch its hair care brand Hair Gain. Below is our pitch.

How to Get Georgia Steele’s “Natural, Long Hair” That You, Too, Will be Grateful for


When asked what she is most grateful for by Toby on a recent episode of Love Island All Stars, fellow islander Georgia Steel went viral for valuing her “natural, long hair” above her friends and family.

Whilst Georgia’s teary response certainly baffled viewers, the beauty world couldn’t help but rejoice in the islander’s candid (albeit, comical) understanding of the daily female struggle for long and luscious locks.

With searches for “best supplements for hair growth and thickness” up 50% in the last seven days, and the #hairgrowth amassing over 500,000 views on TikTok, it’s quite clear that many women are lusting over lucky Georgia Steel’s natural, long hair.

The Secret to ‘Natural, Long Hair’

However, sent to help you on your hair care journey is award-winning hair care brand Hair Gain. Scientifically formulated to support healthy hair from within, Hair Gain’s Hair Capsules and Hair Gummies are a go-to choice when chasing your hair care dreams. Harnessing the power of AnaGainTM, a phytonutrient derived from organic pea shoots, the supplement works by stimulating specific molecules in the dermal papilla cells to initiate new growth in the follicle, as well as improving the strength and quality of existing hairs.

Clinically proven to prevent hair shed, stimulate growth, and promote thicker locks, an AnaGain™ study saw the pea-based powerhouse contribute to a 78% increase in hair growth, with 86% of users noting a significant improvement in the condition of their hair within just one month of use.

What’s more, for those that particularly suffer from hair loss or shedding, Trichologist and Hair Gain Ambassador Samantha Stewart MIT notes that “adding the Hair Gain Capsules or Gummies to your hair care regime will help aid recovery and promote thicker, fuller and stronger hair.”

Further advancing your beauty goals, the supplement is combined with essential vitamins and minerals such as Biotin, Selenium and Zinc, working to restore balance to stressed out scalps while supporting normal collagen formation for optimum skin and nail health.

At just £36.99 for the Hair Gain Hair Capsules, or £29.99 for the delicious apple and berry chewable Hair Gain Gummies, you’ll soon to be just as grateful for your natural, long hair as this Love Islander is.

Available at www.hairgainnow.com

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