“More Than Just a Beauty Brand” Events

Image of a table setting with plate and cutlery and promotional material

The brief

Flipside was entrusted with the task of launching RevitaLash to the press and influencers in Dublin and Scotland, aiming to amplify awareness of the brand and its “Eternally Pink” message in new territories.

Campaign Strategy & Outcomes:

  • In Dublin, we orchestrated an intimate “More Than Just a Beauty Brand” influencer dinner at the prestigious Iveagh Garden Hotel. Hosted by Lori Jacobus, President & Global CMO of RevitaLash Cosmetics, along with the brand team, the event was meticulously crafted to narrate the brand’s journey and unveil its product line.
  • A select group of 12 influencers, boasting a collective reach of 886,600, graced the event, engaging in meaningful conversations over dinner.
  • Simultaneously, as Influencers savoured their dining experience, journalists were treated to an overnight stay at The Westbury Hotel, where they were welcomed with a fully-branded room featuring indulgent amenities such as dressing gowns, champagne, chocolates, and RevitaLash products.
  • The following morning, we hosted a press breakfast at The Westbury, strategically designed to introduce the brand to the Irish press. Notable attendees included representatives from The Irish Mirror, Stellar, The Gloss, and VIP magazine.
  • Media coverage spanned prominent outlets such as The Irish Times, Ireland Live, The Gloss, Irish Daily Star, The Irish Sun, and VIP.
  • Following the success of the initial event, we reprised the experience a year later with another impactful Influencer & Press dinner, this time held at Dublin’s Suesey Street. The event sparked 36 social media posts, reaching a staggering 2,632,540 individuals and culminated in a poignant double-page, front-cover feature in the Irish Daily Mail, touching the lives of 59,443 readers with the inspiring narrative behind the brand.
  • To commemorate the launch of RevitaLash in Scotland, we invited the press and influencers in Glasgow to an unforgettable evening at GOST. Led by Lori Jacobus, President and global CMO of RevitaLash Cosmetics, guests were immersed in the brand’s essence and captivated by its inspiring founding story.
  • The event garnered remarkable social media coverage, with 57 posts collectively reaching an impressive audience of 2,736,961, further solidifying RevitaLash’s presence in the Scottish market.

In conclusion

More Than Just a Beauty Brand” events in Dublin and Glasgow orchestrated by Flipside have undeniably proven to be monumental milestones in expanding the brand’s reach and influence.

Overall, these events have not only amplified awareness of RevitaLash but have also reinforced its position as more than just a beauty brand, embodying a message of empowerment, resilience, and hope. As we reflect on the success of these endeavours, we look forward to continuing our journey with RevitaLash, inspiring individuals worldwide and making a lasting impact in the beauty industry and beyond.