Building a brand

Image of a woman wearing a Drowsy sleep mask

The brief

In 2020, the Flipside team was approached by a burgeoning brand known as Drowsy. The company’s inception stemmed from the personal experiences of brothers Thom and Rich Hemelryk, who, after enduring years of high-pressure work in the hospitality sector, found themselves grappling with chronic insomnia. Driven by a determination to reclaim their lost sleep, they established Drowsy. Flipside was enlisted to spearhead efforts in bringing their mission to the forefront and amplifying online sales through strategic press office initiatives.

Campaign Strategy & Outcomes:

  • Our strategy centred on a comprehensive press office approach coupled with product sampling targeting key influencers, celebrities, and journalists.
  • Notably, Sarah Jossel, renowned Beauty Director for Sunday Times Style and presenter on This Morning TV featured Drowsy on her IGTV channel, “Sarah’s Six,” boasting 42.7k followers. Subsequently, the brand garnered visibility on This Morning TV in a segment spotlighting “The Best New Beauty Brands This Summer.”
  • The influx of 10,000 website visits translated to a remarkable 500% surge in sales within 24 hours. A subsequent feature on This Morning further bolstered the brand, driving an additional 1000 web visits.
  • Drowsy garnered a dedicated following among celebrities, including Trinny Woodhall, Davina McColl, Sophie Haboo, and Vogue Williams, lending substantial support to the press campaign.
  • The campaign facilitated multiple successful launches of new product lines and secured extensive coverage across various consumer targets, averaging 30-40 articles per month, many of which directly contributed to the brand’s revenue stream.
  • Notable retail partnerships were forged with Selfridges, Oliver Bonas, and Amazon, further amplifying Drowsy’s reach and accessibility.
  • By 2023, the Drowsy Sleep Mask was selling at a staggering rate of one unit every seven minutes, contributing to a remarkable 46% growth in UK revenue.

In conclusion

The Drowsy Sleep Mask has emerged as a coveted item among UK beauty editors, epitomising luxury and serving as a remedy to the stresses of modern life. Drowsy remains committed to providing customers with the restful sleep they rightfully deserve.