Working in Your Underwear?

Boody Women's Shaper Bra


This week has been all about undies! Sales of underwear in general have increased since lock down and The Guardian picked up on this story and ran a great feature on how to shop this trend sustainably.

Boody has already experienced a 100% rise in sales since lockdown as people choose the comfort of its sustainable organic bamboo fabric.  We spoke to our lovely client, Boody UK, to find out what impact this feature had on daily sales.  It generated an amazing 154 orders and over £7,000 in sales compared with only 11 sales on the same day in 2019. So, this clearly shows the power that an editorial placement can have on brand awareness and sales.

Worn by eco warriors like actress Emma Watson, Boody has been described a “wearing a hug all day.  During lockdown the bestselling items have been the shaper bras, classic bikini, full brief and boyleg brief and the recently launched Loungewear range sold out of the Downtime Lounge Pant and the Goodnight Sleep Pant .

Boody fabric has been exclusively sourced and developed with up to 95% organic and chemical free bamboo yarn mixed with a touch of nylon and elastin to create a fabric that is soft, stretchy and wrinkle free.  The seam free garments wash and wear beautifully, lasting much longer than cotton garments.

Boody Women's Classic Bikini Briefs

Boody is also hypoallergenic. The bamboo fibres naturally contain many micro-gaps which provide substantial ventilation and moisture absorption.  It’s these micro-gaps in the yarn which make it highly breathable, helping you keep cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Bamboo fibre is hydroscopic – moisture is shunted away from the body and evaporated rapidly allowing your skin to breathe more easily so it’s ideal for sensitive skin or eczema sufferers.  It’s also quick drying after washing, and durable – meaning that no matter how many times you wash and wear, bamboo lives on.

Bamboo thrives naturally without pesticides because it contains a super antifungal and antibacterial and its odour free – odour being an unpleasant by-product of bacteria proliferation. So Boody will keep you fresh all day every day and is on trend with a fit and healthier lifestyle.

You can find out more about this amazing range on

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