Top Tips for Working From Home

Whilst many of us are working from home right now to protect ourselves and others, it is important to stay productive and efficient. Turning your home into an office may be tricky so we are sharing our top tips for home working.

Flipside’s Top Tips for Working From Home

✅ Get up and dressed for the day! You won’t be in the right headspace working in your PJ’s. Psychologically prepare yourself for the working day as you typically would if you were heading into the office.

✅ Set up a workspace. Although it’s tempting to sit on the sofa you must create yourself a work station at a desk or dining table that is separate from social areas.

✅ Organise your day. Set yourself a schedule to follow to ensure that you are being as productive and proactive as possible.

✅ Communication is key! It’s what PR’s do best so download Zoom or Skype and set up regular calls and meetings to stay on track. Stay connected and check in with your colleagues frequently.

✅ Stay active. It’s not healthy to remain still all day, so take a break and do some light stretching or take a short walk for some fresh air if safe….just keep moving.

✅ Limit distractions. The TV is not the ideal working companion but we suggest listening to a podcast or the radio in the background. You may also be tempted to tidy up or cook but make sure you’re main focus is your work.

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Wondering what to wear while working from home? Start with the underwear!

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