our work.

How we deliver PR campaigns
We use our extensive network and relationships with key journalists, bloggers, social influencers, make-up artists and industry spokespeople to create strong PR campaigns for our clients. We know how to use social and digital media as an extension of your PR campaign and we can even support brands looking for product distribution in the professional and retail beauty market.
At Flipside we specialise in personal relationships and the personal touch! If you work with us you will always work with decision makers and experienced members of our team. You won’t be passed off to interns or juniors! From mail outs and daily press office management to strategy, planning and events, we do ALL the work ourselves because your brand deserves our full attention and dedication.
Now that most content is online, Digital PR is a vital component of Flipside’s strategy. It increases press hits, generates sales and provides high quality back links for SEO and brand integrity.
Our digital content is visual and engaging and sells a story. As an example an online story we created about a brand’s budget mascara went on to generate over 60 pieces online and print media resulting in the product selling out online and in store, more than 3 times! We generally see traffic double or triple to a website following an online feature or product mention and sales have been known to increase by 500% following a digital placement.
Whether you are looking for social media support for you brand or to see it in the hands of influencers, Flipside PR can help create engaging content and campaigns. We use social and digital media as an extension of your overall PR and to help support and generate brand awareness. We also support our brands on our own social media platforms creating live feeds, fun polls, makeup swatches and pictorial reviews.
We also host Influencer events which range from taking over a beauty salon and turning it into a pop up beauty station for your brand or using the centrally located Flipside offices to host new product launches!
See some of the results we’ve got for our clients here.