What will the “new normal” look like in beauty salons post-lockdown?

beauty salons lockdown

Leigh Blackwell, Founder of the London Brow Company shares her thoughts about how salons are prepping to return to work. After an unprecedented worldwide pandemic, what will the “new normal” look like, in order to ensure hygiene and client care is taken to the next level?

UK salons have always been renowned for very high standards of cleanliness and client hygiene. We take cross-contamination extremely seriously, so we are all well trained and experienced in keeping our clients safe. We will now be adding an extra level of safety due to Covid-19.

What will the “new normal” look like for therapists and clients?

A one in one out client system will be applied. Clients will be asked to attend their appointments on time, as no waiting areas will be provided. All clients will be met at the salon doors by a member of staff.  They also need to be prepared to have their temperature taken before entering the salon.  

Anyone displaying any signs of illness will be refused entry to the salon. Clients will be asked not to attend appointments if feeling unwell as they will be refused entry.

All clients will be emailed a full brief of what is expected of them before they attend their appointment. They may also be asked to sign a Covid-19 waiver form before attending their appointment. They will need to attend all appointments alone, and children will not be permitted to be in attendance.

Sanitisation facilities will be provided on entry so clients can use hand sanitiser and wear masks. Clients will be asked to bring their own masks or face coverings. Otherwise, they will be given the opportunity to purchase them at the salon.

Clients will be asked not to bring in any additional items such as coats and bags. If these items are brought, they will be left at the front entrance and not taken into the salon.

All clients will be asked to only use contactless payments or pay before attending their treatment via online payment systems.

Protective equipment in salons

What will beauty salons look like post-lockdown?

Inside, the “new normal” will also imply salons minimising all non-essential furniture and sundries. Magazines, décor and soft furnishings will be kept to a minimum, to help with regular disinfecting after each client. Any drinks services will be provided with disposable cups and only be made by the therapist using clean gloves.

Therapists will be wearing face masks and clean gloves per each client. Salons who have more than one therapist will implement screens between each beauty station as well as the 2-meter social distance rule (if space permits), to ensure clients are not exposed to each other. Clients will only be exposed to one therapist per visit and not see multiple therapists during one appointment.

Salons who have a large staff number will split their staff into two or three groups. These groups will be working on different days / shifts and never mix. This will ensure that if anyone is exposed, the exposure is limited to one group and can be contained quickly.

Therapists will conduct deep cleaning in between each client of all stations. All tools and surfaces will disinfected and any items used in the treatment will be single use only and will be disposed of in a responsible manner. If salons are expecting more than one client at a time, toilet facilities will need to be cleaned down after each use.

Therapists will need to make sure they have factored in timings for this between clients.

How achievable is the “new normal” for beauty salons?

Although it seems there will be a lot of things that will change, it won’t feel so drastic because many salons already have extremely high standards of their hygiene and sanitation. The “new normal” will just mean that therapists need to think ahead and make sure clients are well aware of any changes, amendments or what is expected of them before they arrive to their appointment, to ensure everyone is prepared.

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