What are the best treatments to get done now that Beauty is BACK?

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Yes, beauty is officially back, along with the best treatments in the industry! Salons have now been given the green light to resume facial treatments. Which means you can finally take a break from tinting your brows at home and attempting a glow-giving facial in your bathroom.

With all ‘close contact’ treatments, including facials and eyebrow grooming now back on the menu, salons are quickly getting booked all around the country. So how do you decide which treatment to get after nearly 5 months without any professional beauty help? We’ve rounded up the best of the best, perfect for all post-lockdown beauty needs and concerns out there!

The best all-rounder treatment for any skin concerns – The Byonik

Starting off with a beauty hero for any skin condition, colour, type and need. The Byonik facial offers the world’s first laser which repairs and heals the skin from inside the skin cells. The Byonik combines laser and hyaluronic acid embedded with antioxidants to target numerous skin concerns 365 days a year.

byonik treatment

Guided by your own pulse, this revolutionary cold laser rejuvenates the skin cells and promotes collagen production. It targets fine lines, wrinkles, inflammation, acne and scarring and preserves the skin’s youthfulness. Plus, the treatment is anti-bacterial and anti-viral, offering instant results, which zero trauma to the skin and zero down time!

“The Byonik has minimal downtime with instant and cumulative results. What’s most attractive about the machine together with its results is the ability to integrate with all the other skin rejuvenation modalities at the clinic further enhancing patients results.”

– Dr Tijion Esho, The Esho Clinic

The best treatment for in-need lockdown brows – The London Brow Lamination

If your brows have suffered over the past few months and are in need of a little TLC, look no further than The London Brow Company! Experts in brow grooming and lamination, their innovative techniques transform unruly or sparse brows into glossy, natural-looking brushed up brows.

brow lamination best

Brow lamination involves straightening and lifting the hairs to cover any gaps or sparse areas, fixing brows into any desired shape. The final result? Thicker, fuller, uniform brows that are natural and enhancing. Lifted brows remain in place, so you don’t need makeup to keep them in place all day.

‘A brow lamination can also make you look younger. Once you lift the brow you raise the under arch giving your eye a more open eye appearance. This is the first time we have been able to re-create a client’s brow without the need of needles or semi-permanent makeup. With brow lamination, you can raise a client’s arch, extend their tails, give them a fuller brow by lifting the brow hair or give them a messy, fluffy brow.”

– Leigh Blackwell, founder of The London Brow Company

The celeb favourite ‘lunchtime facial’ treatment – Clear Lift

Loved by celebs like Jesy Nelson or Amber Rose Gill, the Clear Lift is referred to as the “lunchtime facelift”. Why? It offers dramatic results in only 30 minutes! A revolutionary laser-based treatment which is virtually pain-free with no downtime, Clear Lift targets deep into the face stimulating collagen. This is the key ingredient that keeps skin plump and youthful.

clearlift best treatment

The perfect quick fix for anyone who wants to maintain or improve their skin’s texture, tone and firmness. You’ll get an immediate glow for three to four days afterwards. Plus, the results continue to develop over the following weeks, as your collagen is rebuilt. An ideal preventative as well as corrective treatment for all ages and skin types.

“In terms of lasers, this is one of the safest we use. When women reach their late twenties, the skin begins to lose collagen at a rate of about 7% a year. The Clear Lift Laser encourages growth and rebuilding of new collagen fibres at a deeper level. It is as good as a preventative treatment as it is corrective and may give you a bit longer before you need to consider treatments such as Botox fillers or even a face lift.”

– Dr Robin Stones, Courthouse Clinics

The best treatment for hair removal you will ever experience – Soprano Titanium

Last but certainly not least, the Soprano Titanium! Although not technically part of the “facial treatments” group, this treatment definitely deserves a spot in our round-up! Wave goodbye to your razor & waxing strips and say hello to seriously smooth skin!

soprano treatment

Unlike other laser hair removal treatments, the Soprano Titanium is safe to use on dark and tanned skin. If you want quick and long-lasting results in as little as 15 minutes, this one is for you! With the added ICE Plus advanced technology, your skin will be continuously cool throughout the treatment so you can freeze your way to fabulous with completely pain-free results!

“Laser hair-removal takes the headache out of home hair-removal options such as shaving or bleaching, and even waxing. In addition, to taking away the headache of home treatments in terms of time and side effects, the Soprano Titanium is quick, easy and pain-free with amazing long lasting and permanent results.“

– Dr Munir Somji

So, whether you’re need in of some brow love, a high-tech facial to rejuvenate your skin or quick and painless hair removal, these revolutionary treatments are guaranteed to get you feeling like a million bucks in no time. Have you booked yours yet?

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Love Flipside x

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