What are nutraceuticals? Meet Hush & Hush’s Age-Hacking Supplements

Hush & Hush Luxury Nutraceuticals

Allow us to introduce you to plastic surgeon-developed scientific solutions to living younger, longer. Hush & Hush’s luxury nutraceuticals are your 2022 must-have.

First thing’s first: what are nutraceuticals?

Dietary supplements have gone from strength to strength in the last few years; with supplements going beyond the basic and offering more benefits than ever. Nutraceuticals are medicinally or nutritionally functional foods or supplements, and from anti-ageing supplements to health-boosting antioxidant-rich formulas, there are more options than ever.

So where to start? Hush & Hush is a scientifically developed line of luxury nutraceuticals that fuel your body with the right nutrients, minerals, complexes and proprietary-formulated Clean Clinical VitaminsTM to help the body age better so you can live younger for longer.

Hush & Hush Luxury Nutraceuticals

Hush & Hush Luxury Nutraceuticals

Struggling to find a high-end supplement void of fillers, additives and synthetic ingredients, founders Dr. Marc Ronert, a renowned European board-certified plastic surgeon, and his wife, Janna Ronert, Founder of Image Skincare, combined their extensive knowledge and research of aging, skincare, beauty and wellness to develop Hush & Hush, now available in the UK.

“The premise behind every Hush & Hush formulation is science, transparency and transformative results. We spent years developing precise, potent formulations that lend themselves to products that are the missing piece of the puzzle we all need to look and feel our best and live younger, longer,” says Dr. Ronert. “Hush & Hush is all about providing consumers with luxury nutraceuticals—a first in the wellness and beauty space—that consists of top-notch ingredients, the best formulations and absolutely zero concessions.”

Fifteen years in the making, Hush & Hush combines cellular, regenerative and nutritional research in the initial curated trio launch, which includes TimeCapsuleTM, DeeplyRootedTM MindYourMindTM and Shield UpTM.

Anti-Ageing Supplements: Hush & Hush Heroes

TimeCapsule presses pause on aging with a ground-breaking bio-available blend of age-defending and reversing antioxidants, amino acids and Clean Clinical Vitamins. TimeCapsule is scientifically formulated to balance the body, shield against external aggressors including blue light – regenerating from head to toe for a younger looking you. Key ingredients include marine collagen, ginseng root powder, purslane herb and astaxanthin. £48

DeeplyRooted creates the perfect foundation for stronger, longer and thicker hair. Using a holistic approach to hair health that includes a potent blend patent ingredients and Clean Clinical Vitamins, DeeplyRooted helps strengthen strands that have become weak, damaged and resistant to normal growth caused by over-styling, hormonal changes and the aging process. Key ingredients include biotin, Korean ginseng root, Resvenox® Resveratrol, USPlus®Saw Palmetto, hydrolyzed fish collagen and ashwagandha root extract. £48

MindYourMind contains scientifically-blended, enriched natural calming aids (it’s 100 percent melatonin-free) to instil a state of tranquillity for your mind, body and soul. Time-tested botanicals help reduce stress and mental clutter while proven sleep promoters set the stage for a good night’s rest. Key ingredients include holy basil leaf, GABA, magnesium, L-tryptophan, rhodiola rosea root and chamomile. £35

ShieldUp supports healthy immune response and promotes maximum defence levels with 500mg of Vitamin C and reduces stress with adaptogens like Rhodiola rosea root. It also safely boosts energy levels with maca root and organic turmeric. £26

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