These new beauty launches are the perfect way to enjoy a summer pamper evening!

pamper evening

Who said pamper nights are reserved for Fridays? We think a Wednesday evening is the perfect time to give yourself a hump day treat and take some time to unwind and relax.

Also, don’t let the hot temperatures stop you either! In fact, in these uncertain, stressful times, self-care is more important than ever. With nearly two-thirds of Britons expected to return to work by the end of August, going back to work can mean returning to stress and anxiety. Official figures show that over 19 million adults in the UK report high levels of stress, which means a little ‘me time’ is very much needed this summer!

We have rounded up some fantastic new launches from our amazing clients, to help you take a break and tend to your beauty needs this summer. Whether you’re looking for a shower treat, some unique masks or a sleep hero to ease you into the hot summer’s night.

No Secrets Body Jelly

In the summer, switch the hot bath for a rejuvenating shower! This new beauty hero from No Secrets will transform your pampering evening into a luxury spa-worthy experience. A one-of-a-kind body jelly which moisturises the skin, leaving it beautifully glowing, wonderfully nourished and spa scented. The jelly helps stimulate circulation, relieve tension and restore elasticity when massaged into the skin!

body jelly

The London Brow Doctor

While soaking your stress away, why not put on a brow mask? From the London Brow Company who brought the brow lamination trend to the UK, comes the latest innovation in Brow Restoration Technology! This unique brow mask has been formulated to give your brows the strength and protection they need against the chemical treatments and makeup we place on our brow hair daily.

brow mask

Arbonne 2-in-1 Colour Mystery Mask

Also, a pamper night isn’t complete without a trusty face mask! This limited-edition mask from Arbonne comes with a surprise! It is formulated with encapsulated mineral pigments which change from blue to pink or golden when applied to skin. Plus, it’s packed with skin-loving ingredients! The French Blue Clay, niacinamide and vitamin C work to effectively draw out impurities and leave skin soft and glowing!

face mask

Drowsy Sleep Pillow Sprays

Finally, when you’re ready to snooze off, switch off the day’s mental overload with a relaxing pillow spray from Drowsy! Try the ZEN pillow spray if you find it hard to calm your mind due to stress and worry. Alternatively, the SOS pillow spray is a great aid to promote deep, uninterrupted sleep! They both contain a blend of powerful natural oils, making for the perfect non-addictive solution for a peaceful sleep. The perfect last step in your wind-down ritual!

sleep spray

So, light some candles, put on some music and give these fabulous new launches a go!

Love Flipside x

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