The ultimate hot weather guide to help you look and feel great during the heatwave

Whether you’ve been trying to keep cool at your desk while working from home like we have, or actually managed a relaxing getaway this August, there’s no better time than during a heatwave for hassle-free beauty and efficient lifestyle heroes to help you stay looking and feeling cool!

To keep refreshed and energised when the afternoon heat creeps in, drink lots of water and avoid direct sunlight!

However, if you want an extra treat, try the Ginseng Energy Fizz Sticks from Arbonne. Both deliciously refreshing and effective when it comes to boosting your energy! Mix it with cold water for a refreshing drink which temporarily helps promote alertness and helps reduce fatigue. With botanicals like Ginseng, B Vitamins, CoQ10, and Chromium, and naturally derived caffeine from Guarana and Green Tea to help boost energy and get rid of the heatwave blues!

heatwave supplements

Plus, we all know underwear can play a big role in how you handle a really hot day! So don’t settle for anything bust the best! The Boody line of eco-friendly, bamboo-derived underwear is the perfect all round stylish essential that provides the support, shape and comfort you need. Plus, it somehow manages to keep you cool during the heatwave, through its breathable, soft material!

When it comes to summer body care, scrub off last week’s fake tan with the No Secrets Bath Sugar. Then, make sure to follow up with a nourishing moisturiser like the unique new Body Jelly!

summer underwear

Remember to take care of your skin after a hot day! This will keep your pores clean and happy and avoid breakouts! For any skin type or concern, the Priori adaptive skincare range manages to recognize your skin’s unique needs and deliver results on a cellular level. Our favourite is the PRIORI® Brightening Serum Q+SOD fx220 which can be applied morning or night for a smooth, luminous complexion!

Plus, if you’re looking to go the extra mile and give yourself a spa day at home while waiting for facial treatments to return, try putting a face mask and some eye pads in the fridge and then using them to cool down. The ultimate heatwave treat! Our favourites are the High Energy Ultimate Cellular Power Mask and the Pure Collagen Eye Pads from Byonik!

heatwave skincare

Finally, when it comes to makeup, keep it simple and glowy or opt for long-lasting products which won’t melt off your face or smudge under your face mask!

For a summery glow, we love using a good primer like the Tensational 10 in 1 Dream Primer from Catrice, followed by a light foundation and some seriously glowy highlighter. Find your perfect shade with the essence Choose Your Glow Highlighter Palette! Then, finish it off with a long-lasting yet comfortable liquid lipstick, like the Catrice MattPro Ink Non-Transfer Liquid Lipstick!

summer makeup

When it comes to eyebrows and lashes, we love the natural look! Of course, enhanced with the help of the Revitalash and Revitabrow serums, for full and lengthy eyelashes and brows which need no makeup!

And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the SPF! For an easy way to top-up your SPF throughout the day, try the Brush on Block Translucent SPF Powder. It ticks all the boxes! Quick and easy to apply, non-sticky, suitable for all skin types and refillable. Now you have no excuse!

Take care of the final touches like your nails and hair. Try the essence Shine Last & Go! Gel Nail polishes, preferably in a bright or pastel colour to compliment your tan! Then with a quick swipe of the Arbonne TrueStyle Anti-Frizz Dry Oil through your hair, you’re ready! This will help keep ends soft, healthy and minimise heat-induced frizz!

heatwave nails

Finally, after a long hot day, there’s nothing better than a well-deserved beauty sleep to recharge you! If summer heat, allergies or stress are keeping you up this month, invest in some good natural sleep aids. These will create the relaxing environment you need for deep sleep. This luxurious Silk Eye Mask from Drowsy Sleep Co is our favourite way to end the day. With a super comfortable feel and anti-ageing properties for your skin!

And that concludes our ultimate survival guide for the heatwave month! If you would like even more fabulous recommendations, have a look at our latest post on new beauty launches you need to try!

See you next week!

Love Flipside x

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