All those in favour of fewer, hard-working formulas say I

A far cry from the 3-step simplicity of yesteryear, today’s skincare routines are a protracted affair. Consumers are more clued up than ever, meaning our cabinets have become full to the brim with amazing ingredient-led products, each with their own individual function.

But with an increased emphasis on reduced consumption, and an invariable desire for more time, could our 10-step routines be on the way out?

In December last year, John Lewis announced that it predicted the beauty mantra of 2021 to be ‘buy fewer, buy better’. Throughout 2020, the retailer saw customers spending an average of 6.2% more per beauty item. Experts put the increase down to people wanting to buy more responsibly, streamline their routines and subsequently minimise excess consumption.

Offering to reconcile the gap between the responsible and the results-driven is multi-hyphenate skincare.

Scaling back our shelfies in favour of fewer, hardworking formulas, multi-hyphenate skincare aims to streamline our regime without compromising on results. Forget your bog standard multi-tasker, multi-hyphenates combine a synergestic blend of ingredients to effectively fulfil multiple functions at once. With the promise of saving time and reducing consumption, the latest trend indicates an increasing willingness to cut back on our extensive arsenal of products and adopt a more considered approach.


Designed to address multiple skin concerns in a single step, DermaQuest’s Stem Cell 3D Complex cancels the need for surplus products with its multi-faceted formula. While Bakuchiol promotes healthy ageing, a synergistic blend of plant stem cells, peptides and botanicals band together to tackle skin discolouration, uneven texture and a loss of elasticity, all at once!

Teaming improved tone and texture with a healthy dose of hydration, the lightweight cream covers all bases with its fusion of high-functioning actives, freeing up both time and cabinet space.

DermaQuest Stem Cell 3D Complex; £225

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