The Natural Solution to Banishing Dark Circles For Good?

PRIORI’s Triple Turmeric Complex Tightening Eye Serum is a gel-based serum, perfect for those who love light-weight textures and are in need of banishing dark circles. 

Like all PRIORI products, the serum is formulated to adapt to your specific concerns around the eye area while it works to hydrate and cool

This serum boasts a highly potentexclusivenatural complex with not one but three different kinds of colourless root extracts of the powerhouse ingredient, turmeric. Also including Green TeaGrape Seed Licorice, this powerful cocktail delivers a much needed wake up call for tired eyes.

With its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties the serum banishes dark circles thanks to its ‘lightening’ properties whilst simultaneously improving circulation and collagen production. 

Work in TTC for a refreshing pick me up to get the day started. Sitting beautifully under makeup it really is the secret weapon to waking up tired eyes.

TTC fx330 Tightening Eye Serum, £58

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