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The London Brow Company founder Leigh Blackwell tells us everything we need to know about the in-demand Home Brow Lamination Kits.

Leigh Blackwell On The London Brow Company Home Lamination Kit

Why this product, why now?

As the company who brought brow lamination to the professional industry, we were always aware that home use products would be in demand by the public in due time. Within months of us launching brow lamination we saw many professional products being sold for home use to the public without the necessary safety checks that would be required to ensure safe thioglycolic levels and ingredients in the products.

These unregulated kits for home use are largely international products bought cheaply with companies white labelling them as their own. Many are not cruelty free or safe for consumer use, as they are professional use products relabelled as home use products. Many companies are white labelling these products and selling them on the UK market to the public. Some companies have even falsified the country of origin to try and hide from the public that they are selling unregulated product that is neither cruelty free or vegan.

Enter The London Brow Company!

This is why we have decided to launch our own home care brow lamination range. As the first company to bring safe and ethical brow lamination products to the professional beauty industry we felt it was only right to formulate safe home care products too for the UK public, products they can trust. We will be the first company in the UK to offer home brow lamination products that are manufactured in the United Kingdom with safe ingredients that are vegan, cruelty free, paraben free and natural.

Backed by the success of our professional range our home care range has been formulated to be easy to use, kind on the skin, gentle on the hair and safe. We understand that the younger generation are very aware of the impact we are all making on our planet so we are proud to be able to offer them an affordable product that is plant based, natural and does not compromise on safety or effectiveness. 

The London Brow Company Home Lamination Kit
The London Brow Company Home Lamination Kit

These are the things to be aware of when using unregulated products:

  • Products manufactured in the UK have to adhere to strict regulations regarding cosmetic ingredients and safe %’s in their formulations to avoid clients being exposed to harsh chemicals, unregulated products do not conform to these restrictions
  • Unregulated products often use synthetic toxic ingredients as this is cheaper than their natural counterparts
  • Unregulated products cannot be trusted to be cruelty free.  The UK has strict laws against animal testing which UK companies adhere to
  • Many brow lamination products are from the same handful of companies in china just white labelled as UK products
  • There is a strict regulation of the % of thioglycolate for safety in home use products which is not regulated by countries outside the UK
  • Overprocessing and brow hair loss is common with unregulated products as aftercare is not included and the importance of this is not educated to customers
  • There are many risks with using perming products at home, timings need to be strictly adhered to and the process needs to be followed carefully. 

These are the ingredients to avoid that are found in current brow lamination products on the market:

  • Parabens – endocrine disrupting chemicals absorbed through the skin
  • Formaldehyde – carcinogenic
  • Sodium lauryl sulphate – could be a carcinogenic its under review
  • Hexyl Cinnamal – can cause allergic reactions and banned in cosmetic use in some countries
  • Alpha- Isomethyl ionone – on the eu restricted list for cosmetics
  • Methyparabens – a family of parabens to be avoided
  • Sodium Hydrosulfite – harmful to skin can cause reactions
  • Ammonium Hydroxide – severe irritant causing skin burn and eye damage

Protect Your Skin & Brows

We have also found that with brow lamination, what is not in the product is just as important as what is in the products. All current home market brow lamination products have failed to account for what the products are doing to the health of the skin or the brow hair. They are focusing on the cheapest way of getting the product to market and have not invested in ingredients to support brow hair health and skin care health during the perming process. 

Perming can be a harsh process; it is aggressive in breaking down the internal hair structure to allow you to recreate a different structure either by straightening or curling the hair. In the case of brow lamination, you are breaking the internal hair structure so you can iron out and straighten the brow hair into an unnatural position. This causes a lot of stress on the hair, both internally and externally. Keratin blocks are broken down, some are destroyed leaving gaps the hairs protective sheaf making the hair vulnerable to drying and breakage. Free radicals are left in the hair shaft which can also cause damage if the correct after care products are not used.

This is why many users of home care products might not see immediate damage, however after a few weeks or repeated use they start to see hair loss, patches and thinning. We believe that you need to ensure there are additional supportive ingredients in your brow lamination system to give you the safest most effective treatment. 

We have worked hard over the last three years to ensure our home lamination products have everything in them to keep the hairs safe, supported and enhanced with every treatment.

We offer:

  • Low Odour – we have sourced the highest grade ingredients so you don’t have to smell of perm for days after your treatment, our low odour lifting cream with our natural organic fragrance means brows  smell great after their lift.
  • Growth Serums – our system has the latest in scientific research in hair growth.  Our growth serums will be placed in the brow  shaft and sealed in during the brow lamination treatment.  This will give you stronger brow hair with each treatment.  Our after care serum will then continue to work as a growth serum with regular topical application.
  • Waterproof Brows. Yes you heard right! No more waiting 24 – 48 hours to wash eyebrows (although you can if you love the unwashed wet set look!) No more panic of getting your eyebrows wet in the rain, kiddie baths or just needing to go out! We have created a unique system that allows you to go to the gym, get your brows wet and not worry about them. You will be using the only brow lamination on the market to do this!
  • Keratin Shield System – our unique keratin shield system for brow hair support.  This coats the brows with a plant based keratin shield and rebuilds any damaged keratin during the perming process keeping your eyebrow hair safe, strong and healthy while the London Brow magic is going on inside.
  • Bond Rebuilding system – using the olaplex hair system as our inspiration we have created a purely plant based bond rebuilding system. This will mean less damage to eyebrow hair during perming and it will also protect brows that have been previously damaged by over use of dyes or henna.
  • Intensive Skin protection – We have included a waterproof skin protection system which will now mean you have less risk of irritation and skin redness during their treatment. Not only will our products protect the skin it will seal in added natural moisturisers so you have better skin than before the treatment!
  • Vegan and Cruelty Free – our brow lamination products have been created by us in the UK.  We know exactly what is in it and have used natural ingredients where ever possible.  Our system is 100% Vegan and 100% Cruelty free. Thoroughly tested on willing humans only.
  • Inhouse Laboratory – we believe that plant-based science can give us more powerful results than harsh synthetic toxic chemicals.  Our aim is to do sustainable beauty while being kinder to our animals, our skin and our environment.  That is why we have our own Research and Development Laboratory at The London Brow Company so we can re asses how home beauty treatments are being done and replace them with better, safer, more sustainable formulations. 

Just A Reminder…

So, making sure you have no nasties inside your lamination products but also added support for the skin and hair not just harsh perm, makes The London Brow Lamination so unique.

We think about more than just brows, we think about skin care, hair health, hair regeneration and how we can do this with a fully natural plant-based approach with minimal impact on our planet. 

We are a proudly ethical company working towards sustainable affordable beauty. 

Putting people and planet before profit.

The London Brow Company Way


To transform the business of beauty through creativity, community, and kindness


By using the power of plants to get incredible results and focusing on people not profit


To become a world leading, ethical beauty brand  

UK Safe Home Brow Lamination Kit. Vegan and Cruelty Free, £39.99

Photo by Garin Chadwick 

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