The Launch of a Little Green Molecule

Last week, Flipside celebrated the launch of PRIORI’s R-Spinasome line with a very special virtual event.  

A skincare range powered by spinach, journalists received a bespoke flower bouquet featuring the leafy green in the lead up to the launch. Arranged by celebrity florist Jane Packer, the minimalist winter bouquets also incorporated Orchids, a nod to R-Spinasome’s secondary plant-powered ingredient. 

Journalists from Stylist, Woman & Home, The Independent, METRO, Prima, Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, The Telegraph, Marie Claire, Glamour and more all tuned in to learn about the science behind the range from CEO, Regis Haberkorn.  

Haberkorn explained PRIORI’s patented process of extracting antioxidants from USDA certified organic spinach leaves, revealing what is so special about this little green molecule. 

Unique in its ability to continuously capture and dissipate the noxious energy generated by ROS overtime, the R-Spinasome complex provides unprecedented protection against harmful free radicals overtime, in turn delivering superior results on skin firmness, wrinkles, brightness and hydration.

Alongside the products being accompanied by the spinach bouquet, journalists were also treated to a post-launch pizza, adorned with extra spinach, of course!

To find out more about the R-Spinasome range, check out our latest blog post

The R-Spinasome range is available now at

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