The 8 skincare mistakes skin experts say we are making now!

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Beauty is back!… but not as we used to know it. The new norm means less time to spend browsing skincare in the retail clinic areas, less time to chat through aftercare with skin experts during appointments and uncertainty of safety and sanitation in beauty stores.

Many of us are missing out on our usual one-on-one consultations with our trusted dermatologist, beauty therapist or even our local beauty counter consultant. Others are either uncomfortable or unable to leave the house and, as a result, are taking beauty matters into their own hands! Whether you’re still shielding or simply aiming to save time and money by not getting expert advice, we share the common skincare mistakes seen by Clinical Nurse Katerina Constantinou, a skincare adviser @ The Skin Experts  – and how you can stop them:

“SPF in my makeup is enough”

Mistake: Forgetting to use or avoiding using SPF… this is something I hear all the time. “I don’t need to use an SPF as it is in my make up or moisturiser”.  This is not correct. The British Association of Dermatologists recommends using an SPF of at least factor 30 every day. In makeup and most high street moisturisers, the SPF is usually only factor 15 and that is just not enough.  The amount needed is the length of an index finger. This is not usually the amount you would use with your makeup or a moisturiser.  To protect your skin, use an SPF formulated for the face every day of at least factor 30.

Try PRIORI TETRA SPF45. It contains four levels of skin protection, or HELIOCARE® ADVANCED XF GEL SPF 50 from The Skin Experts 

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“If it’s expensive, it will work!

Mistake: Wasting time and money using products that are not effective… I often see people who have spent vast amounts of money using products that you can buy from the high street or cheaply online without any positive outcome. They waste their time and money because in most cases these products are not doing any good. Having a consultation with an expert or coming to the Skin Experts Website will improve the results achieved.

“I can use oily products with oily skin”

Mistake: Using oily products on oily and acne-prone skin… This is logical if you think about it. If the problem is oiliness and breakouts that occur in part as a result of excess oil in the skin, adding more oil will only make things worse.  This can be in the wrong makeup, moisturiser, cleanser or anything that goes on the skin. Get a recommendation from an expert and this will be suited to your skin individually. In acne-prone skin always avoid oily makeup and the best thing to use would be a mineral powder. 

Try Brush on Block Touch of Tan SPF30 from The Skin Experts

mistakes skincare

“There’s a new beauty fad – I need to try it!”

Mistake: Getting on/using a fad… I have heard of so many fads that go around like wildfire.  They have included over the years; black soap, coconut oil, sugar in various forms, cocoa butter, cleansing wipes, the list goes on.  What is important to remember is that none of these in themselves are necessarily bad products. However, they may not be right for you and may be outright bad for your skin, so get advice.

“My skin is fine, I don’t need anything

Mistake: Not cleansing, not moisturising… Sometimes for those on a budget, men who have never had a skincare regime or those who are so confused about the choice out there that they just choose to do nothing. However, not cleansing can cause problems in the skin. A build-up of dirt and impurities can block pores and lead to acne and other conditions.  Moisturising is something people usually avoid as they assume it isn’t needed or it can cause spots. The truth is using the right moisturiser can keep the skin feeling smooth and supple. Plus, if it contains the right ingredients it can be anti-ageing also. Get advice!

Try Vitage Revitalising Daily Cleanse, an antioxidant-rich cleanser created by skin specialists from The Skin Experts  

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“Moisturiser after using retinol will help”

Mistake: Moisturising too soon after using retinol… using retinol can often make your skin feel dry and even flaky at times. This is why we recommend a phased increase of retinol use. People often want to moisturise or hydrate the skin after using to help mitigate this. This isn’t advisable as this can dilute the retinol and therefore make it less effective. If using a hydrator or moisturiser on the skin after using retinol at night, leave it at least 15 minutes after applying the retinol. This will help to ensure that the retinol does its wonderful work and it isn’t reduced by dilution. Or if it can be tolerated, no moisturiser after at all and just use in the morning.

Try Medik8 Retinol 3TR from The Skin Experts

“The more products I use, the better my skin will be!

Mistake: Using too many products… So this can be as detrimental to the skin as using the wrong products or no products at all.  Some think that more is better. As a consequence, this can cause irritations, sensitivity, redness and even a breakdown of the skin.  This is often something I see in those who suffer from acne. They feel that their skin is not clean or dirty (this is incorrect and a myth) and therefore they over-cleanse and overuse treatment products. This can cause the skin to react to this assault by producing more oil.  So their efforts are actually counterproductive.

Try PRIORI Skin Renewal Crème. An adaptive product with multiple benefits it, exfoliates and hydrates, resurfaces and refines.

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“Google will tell me everything I need to know!

Mistake: Believing everything you read about skin…is a common mistake that I see. Just because it says it on the internet or it was good for your friend does not mean it will be good for you. I had a patient who had suffered from acne for a number of years and was constantly searching on the internet for the next miracle cure.

On top of using too many products, this poor lady had read that using lemon juice gets rid of acne. Well, what this actually resulted in was mild chemical burns to her skin.  She was overusing really harsh acne products over stripping her skin and leaving her skins barrier function very impaired.  Lemon juice is a mild acid. Therefore, it burned the skin and she was left with some very unsightly marks on her face.

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The solution? Ask The Skin Experts!

The Skin Experts have partnered with Sk:n, Destination Skin, The Harley Medical Group and Courthouse Clinics to provide the very best advice from the UK’s largest network of skin clinics, doctors and dermatologists all completely virtually! In addition to free online consultations with experts who will discuss which products are best suited for your skin, The Skin Experts also stocks dermatologist-recommended cosmeceutical brands such as Medik8, Priori® Adaptive Skincare, Revitalash, Sk:n, Brush on Block, Vitage, Epionce and Heliocare!

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