After a seemingly endless dreary winter, the sun is finally starting to crop up, fuelling our summer plans and getting us excited about banishing jumpers and tights to the back of the wardrobe. In addition to switching up wardrobe essentials, there is one more routine that might need some adjustment as the temperatures start to rise: your bodycare routine.

Lorna Veale, owner of vegan beauty brand No Secrets says:

“The sunny weather approaching will mean more time spent outside. We are all told that the sun and wind are de-hydrating, but it’s important to consider that your choice of your bodycare could also be contributing to that. Which is why, with the summer months approaching, you may also like to consider your general beauty routine and how you can switch things up to prepare your skin the right way!”

Switching things up doesn’t have to mean tossing out every product in the shower caddy – it’s all about a shift in what you prioritise and choosing the right products that can help keep skin looking and feeling fresh and healthy in the sun.

5 ways to switch up your bodycare and get summer-ready:


The best way to keep skin smooth and glowy is by getting rid of dead cells. A great way to refresh dull winter skin is to up your exfoliation game, by using a gentle yet effective scrub in the shower or bath. The salt crystals of the No Secrets Bath Sugar (£30) have been ground to the consistency of icing sugar, working to relax the skin and gently exfoliate it at same time. Plus, it smells absolutely divine!


Compromise on the hot and long showers and baths and keep it short and luke-warm. Taking a hot shower can not only strip moisture from your skin, but can also lead to inflammation and even summertime eczema. Instead, aim for a 5-minute shower and leave a window open if you can! 

Lorna says, “There’s a lot of talk about the benefits of a cold shower for general health and wellbeing. A cold shower will calm itching skin, improve circulation and, if you are feeling a bit sluggish, certainly wake you up!”


During the warmer months, less is more when it comes to moisturisers. Aside from the obligatory sun protection lotion, try to avoid thick and heavy balms and creams and opt for a multifunctional product with lightweight consistency that offers great skin benefits at the same time. The plant-based vitamin boost of goodness of the No Secrets Body Jelly (£49) will improve elasticity of the skin and keep it nourished for longer.

Lorna adds, “the Body Jelly contains secret ingredient Kukui Oil, used for centuries throughout the islands of Hawaii as a deep moisturiser which helps protect the skin from sun, salt, wind and other environmental elements. It also helps soothe minor skin irritations, wounds, and burns, and contains vitamins A, C & E which are antioxidants known to protect the skin and prevent free radical damage.

One useful tip is to apply the jelly on heels and feet at bedtime. Within a week you will begin to see a difference and get those feet sandal ready! Plus, during summer evenings, applying a little Body Jelly to your décolletage and shoulders will perfume skin and give you a subtle glow!


There has never been a better time to finally ditch the SLS from your bodycare routine. It stands to reason that if the sun and wind are already contributing to moisture loss, there is no need to further increase that by showering in an SLS based product which can dry out the skin and upset its natural balance. Instead, go for plant-based alternatives like the new No Secrets Solo Bars (£7.50) – hair, hand & body bars in one! Gentle, and based on plant oils, the bars are fragranced with essential oils for a little spa like lift!  


As nice as a natural tan can make you look and feel, there is no need to expose skin to the harmful UV rays this summer, when fake tan can do just as good a job while keeping you safe! As you start to bring your favourite tanners out of storage, remember to prep dry areas on the body before application, using a rich yet absorbing body cream like the No Secrets Hand & Body Butter (£49).

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