Soliberine is THE new superhero antioxidant to commute proof your skin!

SAY HELLO TO Soliberine AKA’ butterfly bush’ the latest super hero skin ingredient to commute proof your skin.

Whether you walk, tube or bike it- your daily commute is playing a part on how your skin looks back at you in the mirror every morning. That daily build-up of daily dirt, pollution and grime on your skin can accelerate aging and skin damage. So what do you need to do? You need to add a SHIELD between your skin and those nasties.

Natural Enzymes run up and down your DNA chain all day, every day but when confronted with pollution and all the other daily stresses we put on our skin through, these enzymes can get a bit sluggish and that’s no good because their job is to neutralize any damage to our skin!  

PRIORI has engineered DNA products that include 3 different natural enzymes that help aid to prevent and protect your skin from further damage.

First up, THE DNA Intense Recovery Crème – a nourishing skin cream that melts beautifully to nurture, repair and commute proof the skin.  In addition to the DNA Enzymes, PRIORI has added Soliberine, the latest super hero skin ingredient from the ‘butterfly bush’.  The main function of this powerhouse antioxidant  is to neutralise HEV blue light that we are exposed to when we are stuck to our smart phones and computers, all day, every day.

Then comes the fabulous power-packed sister product: the DNA Eye Recovery Crème, not only is this packed full of DNA repair and Soliberine, but it also contains the mighty retinol! Let’s not forget all the extra work our eyes go though, staring at our screens whilst on the train or sitting at our desks. So as you repair, protect and neutralise all the damaging effects from everyday devices, retinol helps retexturize and improve collagen response to improve texture and smoothness around the delicate eye area.

So before you leave the house, “jacket up” with these two hero products and your skin will thank you!

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