Sleight of Hand: How to Make Palms Appear Younger

However well our face creams work to keep them guessing, there’s one part of the body that’s almost guaranteed to give the game away. 

From our trusty face creams down to our supercharged serums, our arsenal of skincare is adept at dealing with all manner of age-related afflictions. Except for our hands, that is. 

As we get older, the skin on our hands thins, causing veins to become more prominent and liver spots to appear. With their appearance often an afterthought, our mitts soon become a tell tale indication of our age. 

Specifically formulated to address ageing concerns on the hands and body, DermaQuest’s GlycoBrite tackles everything from sun spots and wrinkles to loss of elasticity.

Boasting a 10% Glycolic Acid formula, this treatment cream accelerates skin cell turnover for an instantly more youthful appearance. Harnessing the brightening benefits of Shiitake Mushroom Extract – a natural alternative to Hydroquinone – it lifts and lightens pigment to diminish the appearance of pesky age spots. The combination of DermaPep Peptides and Sea Fennel Plant Stem Cells help further even out skin tone while locking in moisture, leaving skin feeling velvety smooth, toned and bright.

The ultimate anti-ageing treatment for your hands, DermaQuest GlycoBrite Hand & Body, £54 is available at

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