Sleep hacks to help you snooze this summer

Sleep hacks summer

Whether it’s the heat, allergies, a change in diet or just the summertime mindset, getting a good night’s sleep can feel particularly difficult during the summer. That is why we all need some sleep hacks to help end summer restless nights once and for all!

“Getting a comfortable night’s sleep can be more challenging during the hottest months” says Thom Hemelryk Founder of

“High pollen count triggers allergies, which flare up at night-time and increased temperatures make it harder for us to drift off and mean we toss and turn more than the usual. Lighter and warmer evenings can sometimes mean we inevitably drink more and then end up staring at the ceiling all night as a result. Sleeping with the windows open also increases outside light and noises that can keep us up. Also, due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, there are all sorts of added stresses on our lives that disrupt our sleeping patterns.” he adds.

So, what are some sleep hacks to help us get some well-earned zzzz’s? 

Regulating Body Temperature

“Your body temperature naturally peaks in the evening and then drops when you are asleep. Even slight changes to your normal patterns can be disruptive. So, it’s important to be aware of your temperature patterns and prepare accordingly.” says Thom . He suggests these 3 hacks for summer temperature control:

1. Invest in a good fan, it keeps the temperature down and blocks out external noise.

2. Sleep with a light cotton sheet instead of a quilt. If temperatures really soar, try rinsing it in water to keep you cool.

3. Have your own bedding! In the winter it might be great to cuddle up to your partner to keep warm, but in the summer the heat from your two bodies can make you more uncomfortable. Regulate things by having separate bedding for both of you.


“If you’re one of the 13million people in the UK that suffers from hay fever, then the chances are that you’ve been kept awake by that non-stop eye and nose itch. If you want to help reduce the symptoms try these 3 things,” says Hemelryk:

1. Drink green tea to help relieve your symptoms.

2. Take a hot shower before bed to remove all pollen from your body and hair.

3. Use fresh sheets on your bed to avoid contamination from pollen outside.

Diet & Lifestyle

“The summer season inevitably brings its fair share of festivities, even if these are curtailed by social distancing, we are still likely to drink more during longer and warmer evenings. Just because you sleep badly doesn’t mean you should miss out on the fun, but bear in mind that stimulants like alcohol, tobacco and heavy foods in the run up to bed will disrupt the chemical balance in your brain needed for restful sleep,” says Hemelryk. So, what can you do?

1. Drink early in the evening and stop at least 3 hours before bed.

2. Switch beers for non-alcoholic alternatives. They look and taste the same, without the hangover!

3. Eat as lightly and early as possible in the evenings so that digestion doesn’t keep you up.

Create the Ideal Sleeping Environment

“To keep the temperature down in your bedroom it’s great to keep windows open and maximise airflow. The only problem then is that outside noise disturbs the peacefulness of your room. And extra light can interfere with your body’s circadian rhythm, which will cause havoc on your sleep patterns.” 

Here are some tips and sleep hacks for fighting noise and light:

1. Invest in a luxury sleep mask to block out all light in the room.

2. Use earplugs or a white noise machine to cover up external noises.

3. Listen to sleeping music playlists on Spotify (or binaural beats for extra zen) at a low volume.

4. Use a pillow spray. Drowsy Sleep S.O.S Pillow Spray is formulated with 100% natural sleep oils that trigger the olfactory sensors in the brain that help promote deep sleep. £21.95 from

Sleep hacks Drowsy SOS Pillow Spray

About Drowsy Sleep Co.

Drowsy was founded by two brothers, Rich and Thom Hemelryk. After five years of running hospitality businesses together, they both developed chronic insomnia which worsened over time. In a major life-overhaul, they sold the business due to burnout and began to focus on a new sleep-focused life. Drowsy is the result of this personal journey. Working closely alongside professional sleep coach Michael Hildebrandt, the brothers created the philosophy at the heart of Drowsy. The products are designed to complement this philosophy and enhance the sleep quality of those who use them. It took 11 months to develop the Sleep S.O.S pillow spray with a fragrance that was not only highly enjoyable but also an effective addition to a bedtime sleep ritual. It is the brand’s mission to help people rediscover the restorative benefits of sleep.

Try these easy sleep hacks this summer and check out the Drowsy range of sleep aids, available now from!

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