Skin Experts Reveal Top Tips and Treatments for “New Norm” Skin Concerns

new normal skin concerns

Summer 2020 will be a summer we will never forget, but not because of the weather! At a time of the year when the skin industry prepares us for the warmer weather, sunny days and the thought of a holiday at the beach, things couldn’t be less normal! So, how is our skin reacting to this ‘new norm’?

With the ‘new norm’ involving a shift in routines and compulsory mask-wearing, our skin is bound to be particularly stressed. The result?

Maskne’ – the latest not-so-fun term in the skincare lexicon, which refers to acne caused by wearing a mask.

Aileen Rafferty Clinic Owner and Head of Education at says: “Our skin has not functioned under normal circumstances during three months of lockdown. Being at home more, extreme hot spells of weather, sitting in front of our devices for hours, diets that consist of more home baking and trying out new exercise classes will have a massive impact on our skin. Many of us have had to get used to wearing a mask sometimes for several hours while working and this will become the norm as we return to daily life.”

Rafferty notes that new skin issues will be our ‘new normal’ and these can mean a range of issues from a drier, dehydrated, skin through to redness irritation and ‘maskne’. Constant worry and stress can also have our skin behaving very differently from normal.

Plus, face masks or anything that sits on the skin can cause blocked pores and lead to irritation. So how do we handle ‘new norm’ skin concerns?

skin norm experts

The way we choose to go about treating our ‘new norm’ skin concerns matters. “Lack of professional help and assistance in the salon have led to us trying different skincare without advice from skin therapist or has led to us buying products we don’t know enough about. Looking out for certain ingredients to help with these issues can be hard,” says Rafferty.

Katerina Constantinou, clinical nurse and trainer at says, “For our safety, we must wear our masks sometimes for long periods so make sure you cleanse the skin well morning and night to keep the pores clear. Medik8 Clarifying Foam helps to ensure the pores are clear when the mask is over them and then there is less chance of an acne spot developing. Keep your mask clean so it is not transferring bacteria there also and ensure you use a good hydrating product to keep the skin supple and not dehydrated. Also, whenever it is safe to do so take the mask off and let the air get to the skin.”

So, what products should we use to combat the signs of ‘new norm’ skin concerns?

“Anti-inflammatory based ingredients can help repair and strengthen skin along with calming and cooling ingredients too. The following product we have selected will help with all of these factors and get ‘skin normalised’ again!” suggests Rafferty.

Medik8 Copper PCA Peptides

This powerful blend of antioxidants acts as a ‘wall of protection’ for all skins for all environmental damage. “For skin particularly prone to inflammation, or slightly more of a sensitive skin/ temperamental skin affected by pollution and damage from UV, this dual-chamber serum fights to reverse any damage including photodamage too. It helps protect us from outside elements and the ‘new normal ‘environment we have ahead of us!” says Rafferty.

Vitage Antioxidant Skin Calming Aloe Gel

Vitage was formulated by skin specialists and therapists. This is a cooling non-sticky serum-like gel designed to calm and restore stressed or acne-prone skin. Rafferty suggests using this product in place of your regular face mask. “After a stressful day, your skin will love the cool feel of this and the hydration. Keep it in the fridge and the cooling 100% certified organic Aloe Vera, Calendula and chamomile extracts will soothe away your day.”

cleanser skin norm

Priori DNA Intensive Recovery Cream

This miraculous crème/balm-like moisturiser from Priori corrects damage at a cellular level. Plus, it provides a range of protection from environmental and UV stress. Rafferty explains, “This is a‘24-hour SOS cream’ that is like an intensive treatment! It repairs, nurtures and calms the skin on immediate application. Contains DNA repair Enzymes for genetic skincare repair and protection. It will feel like the ‘perfect skin hug in a jar!’

creme skin norm

Brush on Block

Last but not least is your sunscreen! This step is extremely important when working to fade pigmentation marks left behind by acne. But why not switch to a “no-touch” sunscreen like Brush on Block SPF30? Brush it’s on before you leave the house and top up during the day without touching your face. It’s quick easy and hygienic! “An oil-free product protects the skin from outbreaks and ingredients like Zinc Oxide, Chamomile Flower and Green Tea Extract can calm and help heal the skin.” says Constantinou.

spf skin norm

All products are available from The Skin Experts. A website dedicated to bringing the consumer unparalleled levels of skincare knowledge, product expertise and industry insights. Skin Experts work extensively with the UK’s leading clinics, Sk:n, Destination Skin, The Harley Medical Group and Courthouse Clinics to bring you specialist curated skincare, consultations and advice.

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