Personalised skincare from PRIORI

PRIORI are expanding their ever-growing adaptive skincare range with these new editions that will transform and protect your skin.

Say hello to the DNA Eye Recovery Creme (£76), a rich and luxurious eye cream that contains powerful DNA repair enzymes to help the skin recover from environmental damage. Use daily to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles leaving the contours of your eye looking soft and smooth. With anti-inflammatory and anti-redness properties, this recovery creme will leave all eyes on your skin!

The perfect skin hug in a jar! Introducing the DNA Intense Recovery Creme (£92) with its unique balm/creme texture that immediately soothes and protects skin from environmental and UV stresses.This luscious go-to repair balm calms and moisturises the skin both day and night and is perfectly adaptable.

Peel & Reveal with the high strength LCA Smart Peel Pads (£52) designed to re-balance complexion removing dead skin cells, dirt and debris. To be used weekly post cleanse, these multi-layer AHA resurfacing pads will allow better absorption of further skincare products. Suitable for all skin types and age groups to combat skin concerns, breakouts and pigmentation.

DNA Eye Recovery Creme – £76
DNA Intense Recovery Creme – £92
LCA Smart Peel Pads – £52

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