Peel Away Polluted Skin with this new launch from PRIORI

The new launch from PRIORI is here! Peel away polluted skin with the help of the PRIORI LCA Smart Peel Pads.

High-strength, multi-layer, AHA resurfacing peel pad that works hard to remove only the outermost layer of dead skin cells of your complexion revealing brighter and fresher improved skin. Will allow better absorption of further skincare products allowing your products to work even ‘smarter and harder’. Removes dirt, debris, dead skin cells and build-up on the surface.

On cleansed skin, start with using one pad once a week, moving to a couple of times per week when acclimatized. Preferably in the evening due to daylight and sun exposure.

After cleansing, on dry skin. Gently wipe a pad over the entire face, neck, décolleté or area to be treated. Do not apply over eyes or lips.

A mild tingling sensation will be experienced and is normal. Leave product on the skin and blot the skin dry – do not remove. Always apply corrective or hydrating product afterwards to improve the feeling of comfort.

All skin types. Congested skins, all age groups. Those with concerns of fine lines and wrinkles, dull, polluted, tired skins, pigmentation, breakouts and acne. Those needing to balance their complexion. 


“PEEL + REVEAL” The Key To Excellent Skin Health.
Cell turnover slows down with age, your environment and condition of the skin. Removal of these dead cells improves skin health, texture and smoothness. Excellent to be also used on back of hands, back, chest, wherever needs repair and normalization.

PRIORI® LCA Smart Peel Pads – £52

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