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Endless screen time, stressful Zoom calls, juggling family & friends from a distance, remote learning and chaotic routines… When all else fails to relax us during a global pandemic, we revert back to the original self-care ritual – the humble bath!

Research from Kantar shows that pampering tops the priority list of things consumers have been looking forward to the most since lockdown began, while a Glossybox survey revealed that 75% of women have increased the amount of time spent on self-care during lockdown, with a third of them having used this time to relax.

A New Scientist study showed that “a regular warm bath can have a greater effect on mood than physical exercise”. Plus, online beauty sales increased by 53% during Covid-19. Superdrug reports that skin products have experienced a 62% uplift, largely driven by consumers looking for “moments of self-care”.

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And what better way to practice some much-need self-care, if not through soaking your stress and worries away? The much-loved bath will restore your sense of self, reduce anxiety and soothe aching muscles. Plus, it was also proven to lower the stress hormone, cortisol and stimulate the release of endorphins!

Take pandemic pampering to the next level…

If you are over traditional bathing products like fizzing bath bombs and harsh bath salts, this unique bathing experience worthy of a luxury spa is for you…

Lorna Veale, the founder of UK clean beauty brand, No Secrets, says:

“Bath Bomb’s main ingredients are Bicarb of Soda and Citric acid, which are totally skin stripping and are actually more appropriate as natural cleaning alternative, rather than a skin treatment!”

We only like bubbles in our champagne glasses, nothing should fizz in the bath.

Instead, turn yourself into a giant bath bomb, by using the unique No Secrets Bath Jelly. This is applied onto your skin before entering the bath, to stimulate circulation and relieve tension. Then, as you enter the bath, the water warms the jelly and melts its soothing aromas. Skin-loving oils like bergamot, eucalyptus, juniper and lavender, melt into the bathwater. For a natural and nourishing “bath bomb” experience! Once out of the bath the oil lingers on your skin, leaving it soft and nourished.

pandemic bath pamper

£18 – £45 at

“Bath oil has the ability to be a really ‘clean’, non-toxic product in any natural beauty range because it is simply oil – or a blend of oils – with perhaps some fragrance” says Lorna.

Unlike a stripping bath bomb, the No Secrets Bath Jelly contains essential oils! Sunflower seed, grape seed, kukui seed, and macadamia seed, ensure you are getting some real skin heroes. These are rich in nutrients, calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc, as well as vitamins A, C, K and especially E. These all combine to nourish, moisturise and condition the skin leaving it regenerated and softened. Both blends contain anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties which helps support your immune system and wellbeing. Far more beneficial than a bubble bath of chemical foaming agents and synthetic fragrance, especially during a pandemic!

pandemic bath

“We created a gloriously tactile melting syrup, similar in process to that of making jam.

All No Secrets products are made in the UK, containing ingredients 100% derived from plants and naturally occurring sources. Perfect for you pandemic pampering needs!

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