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At Flipside PR, We understand that every PR campaign is different and we use a combination of the following to create a bespoke service designed specifically to suit you brand and budget.

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Creative Mailers & Press Releases

We have built our business on high quality brand content and we know how important your unique brand voice and messaging are. We can help with case study production, press release creation and creative mailers that will make your products and services stand out from the crowd.

Digital PR

Digital PR is a vital component of Flipside’s strategy. It increases press hits, generates sales and provides high quality back links for SEO and brand integrity. Our digital content is visual and engaging and sells a story. For example, one online story we created about a budget mascara went on to generate over 60 pieces of coverage online and print media resulting in the product selling out online and in store, more than three times.

Social Media

Whether you are looking for social media support or strategy or advice on creating engaging content and campaigns, Flipside PR can help take your online presence to the next level. We also support our brands on our own social media platforms creating live feeds, fun polls, makeup swatches and pictorial reviews.

Press Events

Whether you want a small intimate launch event or a big budget party, we can deliver the perfect press event, from concept to delivery. With chic concepts, stylish finishing touches and signature attention to detail, we will ensure your event is attended by the most influential audience for maximum exposure.

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Product Placement

We know exactly whose hands to get your products into to optimise the chances of valuable product placements across the media, from influential social media stars to broadcasting press and trusted editors.

Brand Ambassadors and Blogger & Influencer Events

Whether it is connecting you with the perfect brand ambassador or putting together the perfect influencer event, we know how important product associations are. Our events range from taking over a beauty salon and turning it into a pop-up beauty station for your brand to using the centrally located Flipside offices to host new product launches.

Industry Networking

Whether through influencer events, agency press days or our innovative pop-ups, you will have the chance to network with the most important names in the industry, from top editors and publishers to social media stars and other top brands you may wish to partner with.

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We give your products and services the best possible chance to win valuable award nominations and prizes to increase future sales through our media contacts and targeted mail-out campaigns.

Press Briefings & Appointments

We know how important trust is when it comes to securing high quality coverage for our clients. We maintain strong relationships with the most influential industry writers and editors with regular press briefings and appointments across all major outlets.

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Treatment Reviews

Nothing sells a service better than a traditional tried and tested feature, and when it comes to partnering services and products with editors and influencers, we know exactly what is right for your brand, and how to secure the most valuable coverage.

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